Weight Loss Challenges and Tips

 Weight loss is big concern for many people today. Getting a fit and toned body is not a fashion but necessitous of present day. Busy schedule and improper diet has added many people to the obese list.

Addition of those extra kilos creates so many problems in our life style. People want to get rid of these extra kilos quickly. But adopting fast track ways to loose weight can in fact give rise to unknown complications.

Weight loss is a battle that requires patience as most effective tool. The goal of weight loss can be achieved by simply following some natural ways like eating healthy,regular exercise and keeping a count on calorie intake. While going for weight loss you should promise yourself not to have that tasty mouth watering food that is full of calories. Patience is the best weapon. You can also try these weight loss challenge ideas.

Here are some tips to loose weight naturally:

– Divide your meal into 5-6 smaller meals rather that having 3 big meals as it will increase your metabolism.
– Avoid starchy and processed food as it has high sugar content.
– Stay away from sugary stuff and even drinks. Stick to your exercise regime or physical activity that helps in weight loss.
– Say goodbye to alcohol.

Though these steps might sound tough yet not impossible. Follow these routines and you can perfectly get a body which you will love and be proud of.

Targeting Fat Loss to a Specific Area of the Body

The greatest mis-conception about weight loss is the idea that if you are trying to lose weight at a specific part of your body, then only by doing  exercises in that particular area will lead to weight loss . This is not true. Doing 1,000,000 sit-ups might not help you at all if you are trying to lose belly fat .i.e stomach area.

Fact:-Weight loss through treadmills or by running for 30 min everyday normally helps you to lose weight all over your body, and this is the best way for losing fat in problematic areas.

Fact: -Strength training and muscle building can help to build up and increase your stamina, creating a more toned, healthy look. Similarly, in muscle building, think of a typical marathon runner (a long distance runner). They exercise a lot, and still any short-distance runner or sprinter looks skinnier/thinner in  comparison Sprinter’s muscles give them that toned, athletic look —Sprinters build a lot of muscle that pushes outward from under the skin.

Even people with severe weight loss problems, or disorders such as anorexia (a psychological disorder in which a person refuses to eat because they are afraid of becoming fat) or bulimia (a disorder in which a person repeatedly over eats and then fasts or makes themselves vomit) appear extremely thin but do not look healthy because they typically lack muscle.

However, in spite of the inability to target a specific area, many areas of the body have factors that affect weight gain/loss, so there may be unique or special ways to treat your weight loss for your target area. Take for example, the stomach. The stomach has a lot of “cortisol receptors” (which increase sugar levels in blood because of stress) making it main area for weight gain, so a better way is to change your diet to reduce sugars, as well as reducing stress, These are the 2 ways which can help to improve weight loss for a particular region. There are also health, dietary, genetic, lifestyle, exercise techniques, and other factors to help solve problem areas.

Birth Control and Weight Loss

birth control weight loss   Losing weight is like challenging your own body. While using birth control pills and contraceptives (devices to prevent pregnancy), the task for losing weight becomes even more difficult. Taking birth control pills can cause many problems for a woman desiring to lose weight. Taking such pills can stop the woman’s ability to gain the muscle strength.

What woman actually gain after taking these contraceptives is known as water weight and losing this sort of sudden weight gain is not very difficult, especially when done with a recommendation by a doctor.  Modifying one’s diet and schedule is necessary to lose weight especially if the weight is increased after taking contraceptives.

Decreasing the salt intake in food is basically the first step that can help in losing the water weight easily from one’s body. Reducing the intake of oily food and soups and those snacks in the diet will help in reduction of weight. Birth control pills cause changes in the hormonal levels in the body and can lead to weight gain that occurs all of a sudden. You can lose weight in a faster manner if you take the pills by the advice of a health care provider. Exercising regularly is a great, easy way to remain physically fit.

Increasing your water intake and decreasing or stopping the caffeine and alcohol consumption will help you to lose weight which you have gained all of a sudden by having birth control pills everyday. So, be patient for as you’ve gained weight in just one month but actually it may take a few months to achieve the task!!

How Protein Helps in Healthy Weight Loss?

protein-for-weight-loss   Protein is one of the fundamental and most essential macro-nutrients that comprise our foods and it plays a vital role in weight loss process. Fats and carbohydrates – the other two of the three fundamental macro-nutrients – can make our body obese, protein does not pose any such threat. Carbohydrates can be broadly classified in two types: good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. While good carbohydrates give us energy, but if we intake excess carbohydrates it can result into deposition of excess bad carbohydrate that will make the body obese and make it more prone to health risks like hearth disease and high blood pressure. Excess fats also makes us over-weight and leads to a number of health risks.

On the other hand, the amount of quality protein in your diet positively influences your metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. Moreover, quality protein helps you improve muscles, immunity, enhances insulin and improves antioxidant function. Nitrogen, which is found only in protein, is a basic molecule needed to build body structure and DNS synthesis.

As a matter of fact, the human body burns more calories during the process of digesting protein as compared to carbohydrates and fats. The higher the amount of protein in your diet, the more calories you will burn without performing any extra exercise.

When you increase intake of quality protein over the basic amount required for nitrogen balance, then the branch chain amino acids such as leucine that metabolize muscles in your body, directly and constructively helps in building muscles and also improves calorie burning by muscles that supports weight loss in a healthy way.

Hence, make certain that your diet must be rich in protein.

Do Exercises Really Make it For Weight Loss?

exercise weight loss    When it comes to weight loss, people are reluctant to exercise as they find it boring. But exercise is equally important as following a diet. The need is to just find the right kind of exercise and then you will actually enjoy going to gym.

Aerobic exercises like running, walking or cycling are one of the exercises that comes in our mind when we think of weight loss. But these activities burn less fat and don’t enhance the weight loss process. However, aerobic exercises are good for improving our health and stamina but not enough for weight loss.

Resistance training is one of the important parts of exercise for weight loss as it strengthens and builds our muscles which further increase our metabolism. That means that body will burn more and more calories.

However, women are hesitant to embrace exercises easily. But they can start with following small schedules and gradually increasing them. Gym is not the only place for exercise. You can get perfect exercise at home also that too without equipments. It will save both time and money.

One can also try controlling the intake of spicy and oily foods while working out on a diet plan. Drinking pure lemon juice (without sugar) also helps to curb fat.

The Real Practical Guide To Weight Loss

Weight-Loss-Plan       When it comes to weight loss there’s so much information out there that you can be easily confused. You have one person who says that you need to exercise more while you have another person who says that exercising too much will cause you to gain weight. You have one person who says you need to restrict calorie intake then you have another person who says you need to eat as many calories as possible in order to fuel your metabolism.

 What I want to do is set the record straight and tell people what really works to lose weight. We have many people who make claims that they have success with weight loss through exercise and restriction of calories but a lot of the time these approaches to lose weight lead to many other health problems.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to increase your metabolic rate. Your metabolism also known as thyroid function is what keeps you burning calories effectively throughout the day. If you have a high metabolic rate you will not only burn fat but you also regulate blood sugar. It will help with digestion and help you with many other health related issues. You want to have a high metabolic rate to keep an ideal weight and have a good quality of life. If you’re wondering what you can do to increase your metabolism. Here are some things you can add into your everyday life to do so.

Light from the Sun contains a certain spectrum of color, predominately red and orange. These red and orange colors of light that come from the sun help stimulate thyroid function. This helps you to burn fat. Other foods that can help you lose weight are coconut oil and raw honey. Both coconut oil and honey are great food for speeding up your metabolism. I’m not recommending that you just eat coconut oil throughout the day and consume tablespoons of raw honey alone. You want be eating coconut oil and raw honey in the right ratios with protein. You want proteins, carbs and fats in every meal. Your body is like a car and you have to put the right type of fuel in your car. If you don’t put the right type of fuel in your car then it’s going to run sluggish.

I think another reason why people don’t have success long term with weight loss is because they look at weight loss in a superficial sense. They think that if they lose weight then you’ll feel better because the weigh they lose allows them to get more acceptance from other people. The problem with this is that a lot of times the weight loss itself gives them the confidence. This confidence causes people to treat him differently.

The truth is even if you lose a ton a weight but if you still feel awful on the inside then that’s going to reflect on the outside. You want to lose weight in a healthy way. By losing weight in a healthy way you’re going to not only get the ideal body you want but also feel great on the inside. I know a lot of people who make recommendations that you should exercise more to lose weight but a lot of times people are already in a state where their metabolism is quite broken.

Exercise will only exacerbate that already broken metabolism. I do think exercise can be beneficial but a lot of times people would just be better off walking. Resistance training is probably the safest form of exercise as it produces the least amount of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a toxin to the body and will slow down your metabolism. I think that with the right food before and after weight training you might be able to get the benefits of the workout without the damage of the lactic acid. A lot of times though for most people this is a tight rope act. I would stay away from exercise and just walk for a period of time until you feel confident that you can do weight training without dropping your metabolism. A lot of people say that exercise increases your metabolism but they fail to understand how the body works.

A lot of people might be surprised to hear that I recommend honey in meals. People are afraid of sugar and feel that sugar is why they are gaining weight. Many people recommend that you eliminate sugar from your diet in order to lose weight. This is a real problem because sugar in the forms of honey and fruits are great for blood sugar regulation.

Sugar is a great tool for increasing metabolism. I’ve seen huge shifts in people’s metabolism by them incorporating raw honey into their meals. Sugar is a great ally when it comes to weight loss. I want people to work with sugar in order to lose weight. I know that there’s a ton of information and can be overwhelming. My advice would be do what works for you. We all ultimately need to do what works for us because we are all different and have different needs. Remember that ultimately the biggest road block to your weight loss is your diet. You can exercise all you want but if you eat unhealthy foods then you’ll never get long-term success with your weight.

10 Tips to Help You from Overeating at Christmas Dinner!


     christmas overeating While some dieters like to take the holidays off from their diet, I don’t. I know that if I take a day off, there is a chance that I won’t start again and there is no way I am going to let that happen. I thought  I would put together a list of great tips to help yourself from splurging this holiday season

1. Indulge in a large protein filled breakfast. Think wheat toast, egg whites, turkey bacon, and veggies. Why not make a large omelette? By starting out your day with a large meal, you are less likely to overeat later.

2. Plan out the amount of calories you will have to eat at dinner time. This will set realistic goals as to how much you really will be able to eat.

3. Try and get a quick workout in before dinnertime. Remember, a 30 minute walk burns around 200 calories.

4. When it comes time for dinner, take a moment and observe the food. Look at all the options.

5. If you have the option, use a small appetizer plate as opposed to a full size dinner plate.

6. Portion control is key. Take a small amount of the items you want. Be sure to fill half your plate with veggies. Remember, when it comes to meat, you should eat no larger than the size of your palm. This equals about 4 oz.

7. Before eating, drink a glass of water. This will help aid in your becoming full quicker.

8. Eat your veggies first. Most vegetables are very filling.

9. Eat slowly. By eating slowly, this allows your body time to tell your brain that you are full. This will help prevent overeating.

10. For dessert, try some of nature’s candy, FRUIT! But if you MUST have that cupcake or cookie, eat half and share with someone or take the rest home for the next day:)

Remember, do not deprive yourself. Get the items you want in smaller portions, start with the veggies, and then make your way onto the rest. You are less likely to feel guilty about not being able to have gotten the food you wanted when you did get it but are simply to full to eat it


Vitamins and Weight Loss

weight loss vitamins     Excess weight or obesity poses several risks and also hurts the looks of an individual. Therefore such people are always busy in searching an easy way to lose weight to get their body weight back to where it should be. Numerous people want to lose weight to look attractive, to become more energized, and just to fit into clothes of their choice. But, many others are in dire need to shed excess weight to bring some serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, under control.

Regular exercise is the best way to keep body health lined up to where it should be but most people find it difficult to exercise regularly because it consumes time as well as needs hard work.

Many are forced to change their diet or eating habits to lose weight. They simply cut their diet into half. But it could also lead to poor health because it may result into loss of some very essential vitamins. Moreover, body sometimes find it just impossible to adjust to cut back on some foods as the body has been familiar with that food in that quantity for a quite long period of time.

Thus taking essential vitamins as a supplement can help people a lot who go on a diet change. Vitamins taken along with the diet provides the nutrients that their bodies need to remain energized and function properly.

Supplementing your diet with essential vitamins will ensure that your body will not lack any necessary nutrients that will keep it healthy and energized while you are in the process of changing your diet.

However, you must consult a well-qualified and experienced doctor before start taking any vitamins as a means to supplement your natural foods as it will ensure the safety of your health from any side effect. Moreover, your doctor or a nutritionist will be able to help you to determine what natural foods you can eat to get all the required vitamins and other nutrients from fruits, meats, vegetables and grains; and they can also suggest which vitamins will supplement your diet to ensure that you body gets all the required nutrients.


How to Lose Excess Weight Without Exercise?

Health conscious people are always eager to shed any excess weight and keep their body mass under the limit because a number of researches have proved that excess weight can lead to some very serious health risks such as high blood pressure and strokes. But, those who already have become obese or put on excess weight often find it hard to get their
body weight lined up to where it should.

Physical exercise is considered to be the best natural way to lose excess weight. It helps you make sure that you take in fewer calories than you are using. The more calories you burn, the more fats will melt and your excess weight will come down. But, most people with excess weight also find physical exercise be just an unbearable burden for them. If you are also among them, then don’t worry; there are some tested ways to lose weight without exercise.

The foremost method to shed weight without exercise is to make sure that you must stay away from junk foods such as burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and all that; drink a lot of fresh water, fresh fruit juices. While fresh fruit juices will provide your body with several essential vitamins and minerals, a lot of fresh water will wash excess fats away from your body.

You should instead switch over to natural foods that really promote weight loss. Fresh, leafy vegetables, fish and fresh water fall into this category. Your foods should be prepared using less oil and low amounts of sugar. It may be noted here that fat and sugar have a direct relationship with the amount of weight that you gain from your diet.

A number of medicines or other products are available in the market that promise amazing weight loss results. Many pharmaceutical companies claim that taking a few of their particular tablets will help you shed excess weight in a few day without exercise, but these products should not be taken without the prescription of a qualified doctor as these products may also pose some side effects.

How to Get Maximum of a Weight Loss Plan?

weight loss plan    Sometimes you may feel that a particular weight loss plan has worked very well for some of your friend but when you tried that very plan it was just fruitless. There are possibilities that you might have not did the same things that your friend had done, or there might be difference in the methods you are your friend had applied, or there is also a possibility that you didn’t understand that plan fully

These things are important to make a plan successful: you must understand the plan; you must follow the plan; and you must apply the right method.

Nothing will work or come out of a plan if you are unable to understand it completely. Do you have made all sorts of calculations, such as what and how much food you are eating? Do you process everything in the required way? After reading the plan, do you really able to understand what it asked you to do? In short, it is very important on you part that you fully understand what a plan asks you to do. Without fully understanding the plan, you can not expect it to produce full results.

Nothing will come out of the plan if you simply understand it and do not care to follow it. You must see if you are following the plan as it asks you. Are you denying yourself the foods that the plan asks you to deny? Are you cutting calories or fats in the amount in which it asks you to cut? In simple words, you must follow the plan strictly to get the
desired results.