Dietary Supplements to Shed Pounds

If you’re looking for the right dietary supplement to help you lose weight, you might want to steer clear of some of the fad products out there. Many commercial dietary supplements will make lofty claims that they can help you shed pounds in weeks.

Unfortunately, most of these products are dangerous because they either over-stimulate your body to the point where you’re too jittery to eat or they block fat (and subsequently, necessary nutrients) from being absorbed by your body.

Instead of trying to shed pounds with questionable over-the-counter products, try adding some natural dietary supplements instead.

5 Dietary Supplements That Help You Lose Weight

  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are the live, active cultures found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yogurt. Adding a high-quality probiotic supplement to your daily regimen is the equivalent of eating about 40 cups of yogurt each day. When choosing a probiotic, stay away from commercially-prepared products. They often contain unnecessary additives and preservatives that will only hinder your weight-loss efforts. Plus, few of them contain enough live, active cultures to benefit your body.

  1. Digestive Aids

A high-fat, low-fiber diet combined with excessive consumption of soda has drastically lowered the natural stomach acid of millions of people. This is one of the hidden reasons so many of us have difficulty losing weight. If you experience chronic gastrointestinal upset, flatulence, and belly bloating, especially after meals, you may benefit from adding a digestive aid to your diet. Digestive enzymes increase stomach acid naturally and help your body better absorb nutrients from food, which can help you shed pounds faster.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng has been the weight-loss secret of the East for centuries. According to studies, ginseng helps you shed pounds by inhibiting certain cells that store energy as fat while speeding up your metabolism. Ginseng has also been reported to help prevent the development of diabetes by reducing the fasting glucose levels.

  1. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper isn’t just a tasty spice to add to your favorite dishes, it can also be an effective natural weight-loss tool. Cayenne pepper has been shown to boost metabolism and speed digestion and elimination, which can help shrink your waist-line faster. Cayenne pepper can be used as a spice or taken in capsule form.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want to shed pounds faster, try adding some apple cider vinegar to your diet. The best kind of apple cider vinegar is the organic kind that says “with the mother” on the label. This kind contains the most natural bacteria to improve your digestion and boosts your metabolism. Research has also shown that people who drink one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per day have reduced belly fat.

If you really want to lose weight the healthy way, don’t rely on fad diets and dangerous weight-loss supplements. Instead, try eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and adding some whole-food dietary supplements. You’ll be amazed at how much better you look and feel!


Why You Need a Dieting Coach?

Millions of people today are suffering from either overweight or obesity. They just can’t seem to overcome weight loss plateau. If you tried everything such as dieting and killer workouts without success, are you giving up?

If this sounds like you, then you need total overhaul on your weight loss approach. Maybe there is something wrong that makes your fitness program unsuccessful. Before you completely lose hope, why don’t you get a personal dieting coach and wait what will gonna happen next.

Advantages of Having a Dieting Coach

With all the fad diets out there that only wants your money, you just can’t find the right suitable dieting program that will truly help you lose weight. Some of the known and almost free dieting regimens are all restrictive and will just give your health some risks. So what are your other choices?

One way that you can make the most out of your weight loss investment is to hire a personal dieting coach. Yes, a personal coach! Did you know that almost 90% of people who successfully lost weight have their own personal diet or fitness coach? Jennifer Hudson is a prime example of weight loss success which openly admits that she had a personal dietitian to help her lose weight.

A dietitian can look for your needs, health wise. Yes you probably knew the foods that are essential to your body but that is not enough! Dietitians knows the right combinations of foods that are “personalized” for your body’s needs. In short, dietitians are like clothing designers, but what they do is formulate different meals for the betterment of your health which will produce effective weight loss results.

Another point is that, most dietitians are also medical people. This means that these professional diet coaches won’t hurt your body at all. Yes, no food restrictions, no hunger strikes and yes, you can eat and satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your weight. All you need is sit back, relax and wait for your next meal. Dietitians will plan all your diet in a weekly or monthly basis, it all depends to you.

A coach can provide great advice and a whole new weight loss perspectives that you never known before. It also monitors your progress and accounts all other data that will lead to successful fitness campaign. Lastly, dietitians can provide motivation and encouragement that are highly dependable and trustworthy.

Most personalized dieting coaches use the reframing and intuitions that will give you answer on what is the real cause of your weight loss plateau. After that, the coach will device a plan of action that will completely evolve through dieting alone. Dietitians are like your parents, teaching you how to improve yourself in both inside and outside.


Having a dieting coach is not that expensive but truly worth the cost. You can find a perfect dietitian through online or through your local clinics and fitness centers. Dietitians are just one way of losing those unwanted fats. You are still required to do a consistent workout regimen in order to support any dieting program.


5 Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

Having correct knowledge about the effective and efficient weight loss challenge ideas helps to maintain a stable body weight. Even if a person doesn’t possess right knowledge, following the tips provided by an expert medical practitioner, dietitian or a health care professional proves helpful. Moreover, referring the plenty of information which is accessible by way of internet, also can be fruitfully utilized by a person to obtain amazing results with respect to weight control.

Effective and Challenging Ideas for Weight Control

As the task of weight loss is challenging for many, it would be really good if one first finds out the areas that need corrections, so that one can attain a steady body weight as per ones actual need. Accordingly, one can select the best possible and effective ideas and apply them genuinely to control the excess weight gain. Some of the fruitful tips that can be followed by keen and enthusiast people who look forward to weight reduction and meet the challenge in a positive way to attain successful results are as under:

  1. Lifestyle change is one of the most challenging tasks that require lots of efforts on personal basis. As most of the times, it is seen that the way of living affects the dietary habits of a person, it would be better to make positive changes so that one gets the daily meals in a proper way and that too in the balanced form.
  2. Defining the goal for weight loss and following a sound plan to attain that, is another useful thing that can be followed to control excess weight gain and health issues related to that
  3. Practicing healthy habits such as avoiding smoking and drinking sets a challenge for many, especially men. However, a determined individual can manage to make efforts and can inculcate these really good habits not only for weight management but also to maintain an overall physically fit body.
  4. Setting challenges for specific periods, for example, losing 10 pounds weight in a specific duration can make a person work really hard to attain that task
  5. Participation in weight loss competitions too proves helpful to attain great results as the nature of the competition and the entire preparations required for that does make a person follow various useful measures of weight control, so that he/she can win the competition.