A Few Exercising Types That Supports Weight Loss

Reducing weight is the primary concern of people of all ages. Our society is running fast and compelling us to be frantic to deal with our duties. We are losing interest in performing exercises due to this busy life style. But weight loss is a necessary requirement for many, especially women. Women are prone to diseases and weakness due to their fragile bone structure and slow improvement of muscle growth. Plus, women tend to gain extra fat after pregnancy. So, health experts believe that fitness training is necessary for every modern woman.

However, one cannot find the best exercising pattern on their own and get the job done without any professional guidance. The problem lies in our own inefficiency in understanding our body functions. So, experts of personal training sessions suggest asking help from professionals to lose weight without any hiccups.

So, we are going to talk about exercising techniques that women can include in their daily routines for improved fitness and weight loss.


Cardio exercises are designed to improve heart beat rate. It helps to maintain the flow of blood in body and keeps our blood pressure in check. These types of exercises generally do not require any equipment. Therefore, women can practice them without spending a penny. Jogging, running, stair climbing, cycling, swimming are few of the most popular cardio exercises that can improve health and promote fitness.

When our heart is healthy, our hormonal secretion stays normal. It also affects our metabolism in a positive way, thus improving appetite for healthy foods.


These types of exercises are generally developed in Asian countries. Asians found a way to connect with the nature without any side effects. When these exercises were proven to be helpful, people all over the world started to learn it for their own benefit. It is another efficient exercise that saves money and promotes inner health.

Breathing is the most important part of staying alive. Without breath, we would be dead. It gives us energy by inducing fresh oxygen with our blood cells. Breathing in a precise manner can help women to control their emotional and physical abilities.

Strength Training

Strength training is more of a muscle building exercise type rather than improving fitness. But, it is important because, without well built muscles you would not have strength to perform well in every aspect of life. Most of us believe that having improved muscles slows us down and affects our agility. But it is not true at all. Strength training can offer you muscle mass without changing any of your features such as flexibility, agility, etc.

This type of exercise requires equipment, but they are not expensive. And you can even join gyms or personal training studios to use these tools without buying them.

These three exercising types are the best ways to reduce fat tissues from body. Of course, there are other ways to shed a few pounds, but if you are seeking an inexpensive way to get the job done, combining these three exercising types would be the best way for weight loss.

Exercise the Right Way to Lose the Most Fat

I must admit. I have been exercising completely the wrong way to lose fat.

Ignorance Is Bliss

I was doing what most people do. As part of my Fat Loss program I wanted to do some form of exercise. So instead of taking out expensive gym membership I decided to go for a mile jog. I was happy jogging 2-3 times a week. It was fun and I was keeping fit and losing fat. Right? Well yes but it was not quite that simple. Yes I was losing weight and keeping fit – but I could have been losing a lot more.

I was watching a number of videos across YouTube. I discovered on these videos that it has been scientifically proven that it is not so much what you do, how long you exercise for or even how many times you exercise that determines the fat you will be burning.

What matters is “HOW YOU” exercise.

Let’s take jogging. If you were to jog for a longer distance your body reacts in a completely different way compared to sprinting as fast as you can for a shorter distance. High Intensive impact methods are the key. This principal has been tested a number of times.

To get the best fat loss results you need to work out with High Intensity. This means that the person who exercises at low intensity but for longer periods is likely to lose less fat than the person who works out at high intensity.

So what does this mean in reality?

The person who jogs for miles at a slow rate will lose less fat than the person who runs 100 meters as fast as he can.

The person who swims many lengths in the swimming pool at a slow pace loses less fat than the person who swims as fast as possible for fewer lengths.

The point to note here is that everything has its place. I am not saying jogging is not good or not useful. Jogging is great for improving your cardio, reducing blood pressure and of course you can lose fat. However you will lose more fat by working with short periods of high intensity.

So you need to be moving from “long and slow exercises” to “fast and intense” exercises.

How do you determine how much intensity you need to put in and for how long

Well – there is no absolute science. What I find is the best way is to use the sweat rule. This is measuring how much you sweat during the workout. More sweat the better. For swimming it’s how red my chest gets – is a great rule. To be honest you know whether you have had a good workout or not right?

Word Of Warning!

The other important point to note is don’t go too mad first of all. I did this and ended up with very bad cramp when I did my first intense swim. So do a high intense workout so you are sweating and then next time try and improve on your time. You may even want to check with a doctor first before you embark on a high intensity program.

In no time you will be shedding the pounds and looking great.