Best Exercises to Increase Testosterone!

Why Testosterone is Important?

A sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of low testosterone.  If we want to increase our body’s production of this hormone we need to get active.  Testosterone helps to boost sex drive, increase energy and promotes muscle growth and repair. Testosterone is important for women as well especially since it helps to burn fat, particularly belly fat.  There is a limit to the amount of testosterone a woman’s body produces which is far below that of a man.  As long as women don’t take any supplements to mess with their body’s estrogen levels, they won’t have to worry about developing a manly body.

Best Exercises to Boost Testosterone

The best exercises to boost testosterone are resistance type exercises like weightlifting using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells etc.  You can also make use of your own body’s resistance with push-ups, pull-ups, etc.  You can increase the resistance of bodyweight exercises by wearing weighted vests which will cause you to expend more energy thereby boosting testosterone levels even more.

When weightlifting, the key is to lift big.  Consider exercises that make use of multiple muscle groups: squats, deadlifts, snatches, cleans, benchpresses as opposed to isolation exercises like the dumbbell curls and tricep extensions.  Multiple muscle group exercises create more stress on your body, forcing it to produce more growth hormones which results in increased muscle mass all over your body.

Sports and activities requiring strength and speed will also help to boost testosterone, this can range from simple gardening to more intense activities like sprinting (particularly up a hill), swimming, lawn tennis, soccer etc.

Don’t Overdo It

As in everything, you should be careful not to overdo exercise as over training will reduce your body’s testosterone levels.  Research has show that anything beyond one hour of weightlifting causes the body to produce the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down your hard earned muscle tissue.

Ensure you increase food intake and take supplements on days you are likely to overtrain.  Your body needs time to repair itself so make sure you take that into consideration by not training every day.  Research has also shown that insufficient sleep lowers testosterone levels.  Sleep is the best time for your body to repair itself and you should try to get at least eight hours of sleep everyday.

Other Ways to Boost Testosterone

Exercise is not the only way to naturally boost testosterone levels, the type of foods you eat can greatly impact on your body’s production of this hormone.  In addition, you might benefit from taking natural testosterone boosters to increase your body’s production of this hormone.


All you need to know about laminectomy surgery

 Laminectomy surgery is a simple procedure effective for relieving back ache and neck ache.

Suffering from back ache or neck ache is a common problem today. The stress of working for long hours, no exercise at all and bad sitting postures are mostly responsible for such chronic neck and back aches. Another indirect contributor to such back aches and neck aches is lack of calcium.

Lack of calcium makes the bones of the spinal cord weak, making the bones brittle and the erosion of the bones causes the ache in your back and neck. People mostly suffer from lower back aches and neck aches. While sometimes, these can be cured with regular exercise, proper diet and maintaining certain points your doctor tells you to, in most cases the only solution is surgery.

Do not be worried if your doctor asks you to undergo a laminectomy surgery to cure your back ache or neck ache. It is after all better to opt for a permanent solution for the chronic ache, when there is one, than to keep taking painkillers every time for temporary relief. Laminectomy is a very simple surgical procedure that would take only a few hours to be done and you would be up doing your work within no time at all.

This particular surgery does not even need to cut through the muscles of the back, only a small incision on the skin is enough to carry out the procedure successfully. It is a very effective surgery for people suffering from lower back ache or neck pain for a long time. Hence if you too have such a chronic pain, consult your doctor today for a permanent solution.

It is important though to get your surgery done from a good place and at the hand of an experienced surgeon. The surgery is simple but if an amateur person who does not have the expertise tries to do it, it might damage the nerves going through the proximity of the spinal cord. Hence since this is the question of your health, it is suggested that you do not compromise with the quality.

If it takes a little more money to hire the services of a good surgeon, make sure you do it. What you ca do is ask for recommendations from your own doctor as to which hospital would be good for the surgery and which surgeon would be good too. Since your doctor is attached to this medical profession and since your doctor is also treating other patients with the same ailment, your doctor would be able to guide you best.

After the surgery is over, it does not take much time to recover from laminectomy. Nevertheless, you have to listen to every word you doctor says if you want to recover fast. You might have to take medicines for a few days and also take rest for sometime before you fully recover. Make sure you follow everything your doctor says religiously and you would be completely fit to be up in no time at all, sans the back ache or the neck ache.

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

Spending your day at work or carrying out the tasks you have to do each day can often leave us feeling tired and dejected, struggling to come up with the enthusiasm and energy needed to workout on an evening.

It’s at times like these where you need to find those little motivating factors that are going to help pull you through your workouts and get to the level of fitness you want to achieve.

Get in to a routine

If you work out once and then leave it a few days before doing it again, it can be more difficult to build up the enthusiasm needed to actually workout. Getting yourself into a regular workout pattern helps you not only get used to getting through the workout, but allows you to stay motivated and in a mindset where you want to work out.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself a goal when working out is a great way to push yourself to workout each day. The goal for you to work towards depends entirely on you and what you are looking to achieve. It could be a certain amount of weight you want to lose, a time you want to complete an exercise in or a number of reps for particular exercise you want to achieve. No matter what your goal may be, setting yourself targets is probably the best way to keep yourself keen and motivated.

Don’t push yourself too hard

When we workout we always feel like we want to push ourselves as far as we can, burning off as many calories as possible and building up a real sweat. While this is generally a positive way to look at your workout, you need to also think about all future workouts. It’s no good pushing yourself as hard as you can and then feeling too sore and stiff to be able to work out the next day. Although you want to push yourself when working out, you need to make sure that it won’t affect your ability to work out over the next few days. Carrying out two exercises at 75% will provide you with a better workout than one session at 100%.

Eat a light carb filled meal prior to working out

Working a long day can use up a lot of our energy before we even begin to think about working out. To try and get some of this energy back in order to get through a workout, you could try having a light meal around an hour to an hour and a half before your scheduled workout. When making up your meal, you need to make sure that it not only contains protein, but has a good amount of carbohydrates as this is what will give you your energy. In terms of ratios, you want it to be around 70%-30% in favour of carbohydrates. Ideas for potential meals could include chicken or salmon along with pasta or brown rice. This will help give you that much needed energy kick to make it through an evening workout.

Work out on a morning

The easiest way to solve the problem of not having the energy or motivation to workout on an evening is to simply work out on a morning. As you will have a full supply of energy, you will be able to work out for longer, push yourself harder and have an overall better workout. However, if you do decide to work out on a morning you need to make sure that it won’t affect your energy levels before going to work. While it may help improve your fitness levels, you don’t want it to reduce the quality of your work.

Use personalised fitness clothing

Having your own personalised fitness equipment such as printed t-shirts and other garments is a great way to give you that much needed motivation to hit the gym .If you have spent some of your hard earned money getting your fitness equipment, you don’t want them to just sit in your closet never getting used. Also, if you are working out for a greater cause such as a marathon, fun run or charity event, you could have a printed t-shirt created as part of your promotion. That way, every time you go to work out, you will see what you are working towards and it will give you that motivation to train.

Trying each of these motivation techniques will help you get through a long day at work, keeping your motivation levels high and allowing you to then get through a hard workout on an evening. While one of them may not work for you, eventually you will find one technique that keeps you motivated.



What Should a Personal Trainer Cost?

Health is wealth.  Although this statement has already been an all-time favorite saying not just by fitness enthusiasts but for anyone who put so much importance on their health, there are still many people out there who are struggling so hard to stay fit and healthy.

The worse thing about it is that some people do not realize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle not until their own health asked them to pay the price of their unhealthy habits. But, for anyone out there who wants to have that lean and good looking body aside from being healthy you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer.  The following information may prove to be helpful for you:

Certified Personal Trainers

According to The National Board of Fitness Educators or NFBE, certified personal trainers would typically cost $25 on an hourly rate. On the other hand, some highly skilled trainers even charge their clients for as much as $15,000 for one and a half month session.  However, these rates may vary according to the personal trainer’s experience or the client’s geographical location.

Geographical Location

Most trainers charge their client depending on the latter’s geographical location. If you are living in a small town and you would want to hire a personal trainer, be prepared to pay lower rates than those who are being trained in urban areas.

Training Venue

The cost of hiring a personal trainer would also vary depending on where the training session will be held.  There are times when the trainer’s rate is lower when the session has to be done in a gym. But, once you decide to have the personal trainer go to your house for every session might as well be prepared to pay a higher rate.

Online Personal Training Services

If you want to be spared from paying expensive personal trainer fees, better check out Online Personal Training Services. Gym America, for example, provides online training for a monthly rate of only $7.  If you subscribe for a 6-month online training program, you will only be paying $50.


You may also check out those fitness centers near your place and see if they offer discounts for multiple training sessions.  Some personal trainers provide discounts once you decide to sign up for a new membership plan. There are also personal trainers who are willing to give discounts to their clients for every successful referral.

Group Sessions

If you want to work out with someone else or with a group, some personal trainers provide discounts for group sessions.  These sessions may include circuit training, endurance and cardiovascular building.

Things to Consider

During your first meeting with your personal trainer, the two of you must discuss about your expectations for the entire training.  Be open about what you want to accomplish and your goals about the training program.  Your personal trainer will also ask you about your medical history and your current health status.  This way, he will be able to come up with a training program that will perfectly suit your condition.


Walk more comfortably with arch support shoes

“We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more”. A great quote and is truly applicable to life. A physically strong person looks elegant and grabs everyone’s attention. Everyone wants to look classier and so hard exercise becomes a part of their life. Exercise is always beneficial to your mind and body but can be very stressful for your knees, back and feet especially supportive measures are not taken.

Arch support while walking

 During your early morning walk it is always advisable to wear proper shoes. This will aid you to stay away from foot related problems and pain caused due to improper foot wear. But most importantly it is always advisable to wear arch support shoes. This support is quite advantageous for both men and women. It is a special support which is highly helpful in myriads ways. It helps our feet muscles to relax and relieves stress. It also makes the feet feel weightless and makes us feel light weighted. So a support in our feet will enable us to walk long hours which beneficial to our heart and blood circulation

Apart from exercise, if you are in professions where you are required to walk long hours then this arch support are ideal for you. They impart lot of support and comfort to your feet.

Flip flop foot wear are the best foot wear for women as they are available with this unique support and gives a beautiful foot curved position which is highly preferred by women round the globe. This curve support will help to walk grace fully without any foot problem.

Arch support while running

 Pounding the pavement is ideal to shed off and get into shape. This is a very common exercise performed by thousands of workout enthusiasts but again can be stressful for your feet if proper preventive measures are not taken. Running is a hard impact exercise and so great injuries can be caused during such sports. During this exercise, the effect of the body weight striking the ground is very high causing injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, twisted ankles, and stress fractures. In many cases the sufferer ignores such injuries causing a serious foot harm or prolonged trauma to these areas.

Unfortunately the workout enthusiasts spend lot on their shoes but totally ignore the actual supporting system of the foot.  Shoes alone cannot support your whole body; it is the curve support in your foot that gives you stability and balance to your body. Using such supports while running can reduce the possibility of the aforementioned foot injuries and provide freedom from all kinds of foot disorder.

Apart from providing support to your feet when you walk or run, it reduces your back and leg pains. The support aids in better motion and controls the feet as well as the back.

It is always advisable to select proper support because using improper one can cause more damage. So a small support in your feet will sustain your whole body.


Be Fit or Go Home

Today’s world is fast paced and requires you as an individual to be in top shape so as to cope with your daily activities. As a corporate worker you have probably experienced occasions whereby you feel outstretched and unable to cope physically. It is even worse when your nature of work is one which is physically demanding. There is no better way to address and take care of your health issues apart from going to the gym and sticking to a healthy diet that will complement your workout schedule.

The advantages of keeping physically fit are not only work related but go even further to improve your mental well-being and capacity to understand issues. Employers are now more than ever keen to employ individuals who will be able to aggressively work in various fields while at the same time being able to withstand high pressure characterized by deadlines and targets that have to be met without failure.

If you have never done any form of physical exercises then worry not because it really is not a daunting task. When starting off it is advisable to work out lightly and not to over stretch yourself, at the beginning you may feel exhausted but as time goes by your body will get fitter and you will find your workout routine more enjoyable than ever before.

Finding the right workout regimen is critical in your fitness pursuit. There are two ways in which you can go about it; firstly you may decide to do the exercises at the comfort of your home by buying relevant workout equipment and videos to guide you through. Secondly you may join a gym and be part of workout group whereby you will get expert advice on your workout and diet based on your body mass index and how much weight you want to shed off.

Owing to the importance of keeping fit, the health and fitness market has experienced a surge in the type of workout regimen available in the market. The craze makes it easy to find a perfect workout schedule that matches your daily job routine. In terms of the cost of keeping fit, it will vary depending on your type of training and service provider. The market is flexible and you can find affordable gyms t join while at the same time you can go for premium services. The important bit to always remember is that you get to exercise your body at your own pace and gradually progress to advanced workouts as your body adjusts.

Here in UK if you are disabled and under the age of 65 years you are entitled to a disability living allowance which you can inquire through the Dla contact number and use it to maintain your health and fitness. The old and disabled who are above 65 years are also not left behind. There are a range of exercises that have been tailor made to suit this group and help them keep healthy and prolong life.


Defeat obesity with immediate weight loss

Obesity is a relatively new problem that is ailing human beings, especially the young generation, but nevertheless it is a problem that has taken away the sleep of doctors all over the world. The reason is that even little kids are victims of obesity and are even dying due to this ailment. If you are wondering what this obesity problem is, let me explain. Obesity is becoming excessively overweight and this gaining of excessive weight leads to many diseases that comes associated with sudden excessive weight gain. The only treatment is weight loss by any means to avoid the menacing effects of obesity. This is the immediate course of action but for a long term, you have to make sure you stay healthy and fit throughout your life to avoid this ailment taking over your life again.

This sudden growth of obesity finds its root cause in the growth of fast food in the recent past. Especially youngsters today completely live on fast foods and have no connections with foods that are healthy at all. Then there are no exercises, the lifestyle maintained is stressful and there are no proper sleeping patterns as well. All these leads to the problem called obesity. If you too are gaining fat rapidly, it is time to take notice and do something about it. If your weight is still under the danger limit, it is time you say no to fast foods, junk foods and say yes to healthy food items, also start exercising regularly and sleeping for a certain time period every day, stay away from drinking and smoking. It would surely stop you from gaining weight rapidly and slowly you would start showing signs of good health instead.

If your weight has already crossed the threshold of danger limit and is actually quite high up on the weight scale, you need to lose some of it immediately. And there is nothing better for immediate weight loss than visiting a clinic that offers laser surgery or treatments of this kind for weight loss Blaine WA. You would possibly find a number of clinics like this that offers immediate weight loss with visible results in Blaine. But make sure you choose a clinic that has expert doctors supervising the whole process so as not to harm your system in the process of losing weight. When you are losing weight to keep yourself fit and healthy, it is better to go about it in a healthy way. Hence do not compromise with your health when it comes to losing weight through such clinical procedures.

Hence do not let obesity take you down. Get immediate treatment and live healthy and fit. If we really try we can bring down this demon of obesity down. All we need to do is love ourselves and avoid anything that causes excessive weight gain. Fast foods might be easily available and good to eat but it is certainly not good for your system. Hence avoid it by all means possible.


The Best Super Foods

With the summer getting closer, very quickly some of us may be panicking about fitting into that bikini and looking out best on the beach. This means we have to be strict with ourselves, making sure we don’t over indulge and stick to our healthy eating and exercise regimes. Here, we give you the super foods that allow you to lose weight at a fast pace, without the need for any fad diets which can hinder you weight loss and put you at risk of yo-yo dieting.

It may seem a strange theory, that you can eat more and lose weight and while this doesn’t mean eating fatty foods, filled with empty calories, there are some great foods that can boost your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn fat and therefore lose weight. The foods can be incorporated into most meals and most can be the substitutes for less healthy alternatives.

Whole Grains
This can range from wholegrain bread to brown rice as the body uses more energy to break down whole foods as opposed to processed foods and they also allow you to feel fuller for longer, reducing the amount of snacks you consume. The fibre and protein present in whole grain means you get a constant source of energy that allows you to maintain a good energy level throughout the day.

Green Tea
This is great for weight loss due to the antioxidants present in the tea, which help to burn fat and boost our metabolism. The antioxidants also help the liver to work more efficiently, further increasing the chances of you burning more fat. A study has shown, by making the change to green tea, without making any other lifestyle changes can burn up to 200 more calories.

Spicy Peppers
While Indian cuisine is thought to be relatively unhealthy, this isn’t necessarily the case and the chillies they add to their sauces are one of the best foods to eat if you are trying to lose weight. They heat up the body, making your metabolism faster and therefore burning more calories. There are plenty of Indian recipes you can make for yourself that have health benefits.

Fruit is an extremely important part of any diet, however berries have added benefits and the antioxidants in blueberries can make weight loss faster. Usually fruit is very sweet, offering a healthy option for those who have a sweet tooth. Smoothies are a great way to get your five a day and can even be a meal replacement as they are very filling.


An Easy Road Map To Losing Weight The Healthy Way

As much as everyone of us wants to achieve the ideal weight, same does everyone wish to avoid the menace of obesity. With the awareness increasing, people have now started taking their weight seriously and want to be in a healthy weight region so that the diseases associated with obesity do not catch them.

In order to lose weight, one requires commitment and dedication. Both these elements are extremely necessary if you wish to lose weight, or else you will quit. The intensity of both these factors depends upon the road map to weight loss. If you have an easy road to weight loss, then you will require little commitment and dedication, however, if you chose a hard road, the more will you require these factors. The lines below give the road map to success in weight loss.

1. Balance Diet:

The first thing required for a healthy weight loss is to provide a balanced nutrition to your body. You diet plan must contain diversity in nutrients so that all the nutritional requirements of your body are fulfilled. The major nutrients you should consider making a part of your daily diet include, calcium, vitamins, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. All these when taken in the right and moderate quantity lead to weight loss.

2. Protein And Healthy Fat:

Protein sources such as fish, broccoli, egg and meat are good for fat loss. Protein help build muscles which makes the body burn fat. On the other hand, consuming healthy fats like in olive oil have also been found to help lose weight.

3. Carbohydrates:

The general practice for weight loss is to avoid carbohydrates at all. This practice is wrong. Although excessive carbs consumption can lead to gaining weight, however, as they are a source of energy you need to provide a little amount of carbs to your body so that there remains an energy balance. Therefore, limit your carb consumption but don’t avoid there consumption totally.

4. Avoid Fast Food:

Alcohol, carbonated drinks and fast food come excessive calories with no or very little nutritional value. Instead of helping you lose weight these foods are the real culprits of you being overweight at the first place. Therefore, avoid fast foods if you wish to lose weight.

5. Water:

Drinking plenty of water also helps you lose weight. The more you drink water, the more your internal system stays clean and the metabolism keeps on working properly, thus ultimately resulting in calorie and fat burn. Therefore, drink as much water as you can.

6. Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables are an excellent aid to weight loss. These vegetables are usually rich in fiber, which in addition to reducing the bad cholesterol, also helps in feeling you full for longer, thus your overall calorie intake for the day reduces.

7. Nuts:

Most of the health experts recommend the habit of snacking for weight loss. Nuts come as the best snacking option in this regard. The protein and fiber found in nuts helps you keep full for longer therefore, the actual purpose of snack of keeping you full for longer is best served by consuming nuts.


In short, weight loss is not about starvation, rather its about consuming the healthy and natural energy drinks and foods so that you keep your body healthy in addition to keeping your metabolism at an optimal state where it burns calories the most.


Simple Exercises for Successful Fat Burning

Ever since time immemorial, it has been a personal desire of many people to get rid of fat in their bodies. They have tried to exercise, to hit upon diet regimes and also starve. But all these have been fruitless attempts at burning the fat away. What should you ideally do? You should find exercises that will help you to lose your body fat effectively and permanently. Also, you should try to do exercises which will not give you any side effects like pain or cramps. This means that you should find exercises that are quite simple to do. Here is an overview of the exercises that will help you to burn and crush fat without any difficulty. Here is a line-up of easy and popular exercises that will be of benefit.

1- Bicycle Exercise

This is actually a tough exercise. However, there is an easier way to do it. Instead of complicating things by sticking your hands behind your head, you can simply choose to lie down on a bed completely supine and raise your knees so that they almost touch your belly. Then, slowly and leisurely, you need to pedal both the legs in a bicycle fashion. The unique benefit of this exercise is that it is quite easy to do it and you can repeat it on and on to build your muscles faster. This is a simple one to do.

2- Leg Raise

In many gyms, the leg raise is one of the most recommended exercises for fitness of the body. The benefit is that your back and shoulders get plenty of support and there is no risk of any damage to them. You need to position yourself in a Captain’s Chair with two arm-rests by your side. You have to position yourself squarely on the two arm-rests and pull up your loose-hanging knees up to your abs. When you do this, you will be able to get your abs exercised. This is a great and simple thing to do for your fat.

3- Ball Crunch

Once again, this is an exercise which has a tougher and complicated variation. But the ball crunch is also quite popular and preferred in most gym workouts. This is because it is quite easy to do it. All you need to do is to lie down on a mat with your hands holding the ball. Then, you need to do the regular crunches by holding the ball in the hands. Doing these crunches for some time over and over will help you to workout your muscles efficiently and effectively as well. So, you will find it simple.

4- Vertical Leg Crunch

For a more powerful workout in the abs region, you should do the vertical leg crunches. Vertical leg crunches are crunches in which you have to raise the legs vertically. This means that you have to then cross your legs and keep them standing together. When you do such a thing, you will be able to get a sufficient workout for the muscles in the abs. This means that you will be able to get your legs exercised in the process as well. Therefore, you should opt for a vertical leg crunch which will prove to be easy to do.

5- Arm Crunches

This is a better and more ingenious way of doing the regular crunches. This means that you should do a variation of the arm crunches. In the arm crunches, you will be required to raise your arms and stick them to your ears. The arms should be completely straight in the angle. Then, when you are raising your torso, you will be able to get sufficient exercise and workout for your abs in perfect way. Therefore, you need to do more of these arm crunches as they are quite useful for people..