Why You Will Fail If You Diet?

You should not deny yourself the foods you love when you are trying to lose weight. But this does not mean that you should go all out and eat as much as you want. I once watched a show where they had a lady who was celebrating her 104th birthday and the interviewer asked her how she was able to live for so long (she was smoking a cigarette!) and she said “Everything in moderation”. The interviewer went on to ask her if she watched what she ate, if she drank alcohol etc. and she said yes, she did all that but never to excess.

So I suppose that is what I am telling you, eat what you like but never to excess. You also need to look at your health, if there is a medical reason for you to avoid certain foods then do so. It’s not all about losing weight, it’s also about making sure you are physically healthy. I was told I had high cholesterol, well my triglycerides were high but my hdl and ldl were fine. There is a lot of technical language they use on how they figure this, but all I needed to know is that I had to change my diet to get it lowered or they would have to put me on medication. So it was changed and it worked! Boiled, broiled, grilled and baked foods, avoid fried foods and of course the fewer processed foods, the better.

Yes, I do still have some fried food now and then but not nearly what I use to, I use butter on rare occasions, and yes I still have dessert when I want to. I know I could not live happily if I were to deny myself some of my favorite foods all the time, but I also know I want to be around for a very long time, hopefully to see my grandkids graduate one day!

So if you think about the last 2 things I have told you and you combine them do you think you could lose weight? I am guessing the answer is yes. You can’t move forward if you remain still, you can’t lose weight if you continue eating the way you are and not moving or changing anything. It’s like the old joke about the guy who prays daily to win the lottery and never wins and God tells him he can’t win if he doesn’t buy a ticket. Hoping, wishing and praying won’t help you lose weight, you have to DO something, make a change in your life in order to move forward.

If you drink soda, stop. Just that one thing will help you lose some weight, you might not lose it real quick and you might not see it right away but it will work! Imagine all the little calories you consume during the day. Look at the label on your soda, how many servings is it, and how many calories per serving…that can add up very quickly! So do yourself a favor and try to quit drinking soda if at all possible or check the label of whatever it is you do drink on a daily basis. Instead you may try using water as a weight loss technique.


Discover These 7 Healthy Tips To Get Your Ideal Body

There are many reasons why we may decide to work on getting an ideal body, there are health benefits to it, we may be going on holiday and want to look good when on the beach, or there may be a wedding coming up and you need to fit into the clothes that you want to wear. When you search the internet you will find results in thousands on what diet is best, how to quickly gain muscle mass, which exercises are best, and it can get very confusing. So in order to help you we have selected the best 7 healthy tips to get your ideal body.



The media always tells us in one way or another that exercise is the best thing to help you lose excess weight and tighten up muscles. But if it is something that you haven’t done for a while, then it can be difficult to get started. So all you need to do is simply extend what you do every day; walk. Research is now starting to show that walking is actually better than most other exercises. It burns calories, you use a high number of muscles doing it, and you get a cardio workout which can help against heart disease. All you need to do is walk for 20 to 30 minutes every day, at a pace quicker than normal. Do not stop, and if you can, include a hill, all the better.


So many diets exist, but you should use the easiest one of them all; The Common Sense Diet. If you see a piece of meat with fat on it, remove it. If something you want to eat is known for putting weight on people, don’t eat it. You do not have to cut out everything, but halving your usual portions of ‘bad stuff’ will help you.


Do not drink fizzy or high energy drinks, even if they say they are sugar free. If you need milk in coffee or tea then use fat free milk. You may try liquid diet for weight loss.


When sitting down or standing up, make sure your back is as straight as possible, pull your shoulders back, and this can make you look taller and slimmer.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you have a lot of excess weight then consider liposuction to remove it and give you a head start, but if you are going to that expense and risk then you certainly need to diet and exercise afterwards to prevent it coming back.

Pull It In

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, pull your stomach in. This helps to strengthen the muscles in that area, and after a few weeks they will start to show signs of tightening up naturally.


Everyone by now should know the risks of smoking, but did you know that the toxins in it poison the skin? Your skin will lose its elasticity so it hangs off you, and the color will be a lot paler than what it should be. The good news is that if you stop smoking now, your skin can look much better in as little as 2 weeks.

Insight into Testosterone Hormone

The hormone testosterone has been popular among bodybuilders and athletes wanting to boost their performance on the playing field. After all, rarely does a bigger and stronger competitor become outclassed by a weaker and smaller opponent. But you do not have to be a beast in the weight pit to benefit from increased levels of this hormone.

Optimal testosterone levels are known to help combat depression. If you are carrying excess baggage in your midsection, increasing your testosterone can help both in decreasing body fat and at the same time increasing muscle mass. This is particularly beneficial to those who are called hard-gainers or those who have trouble putting on muscle mass despite going to the gym religiously and taking in a lot of protein, both in their meals and in supplement form.

But it is not just the muscles that benefit from increased T levels. A boost in this hormone’s level in a male’s body helps improve immunity while strengthening the heart and the bones. Some studies also associate optimal levels of testosterone with the decreased chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease while boosting cognitive ability.

Whether you are a pro athlete or a weekend warrior, a boost in T levels can definitely boost your performance, particularly your mental game. Numerous studies show that optimal levels of the hormone increases competitiveness as well as risk-taking.

The benefits of this hormone go beyond the gym and the playing field and extend into the bedroom. Testosterone is also known to help improve sexual performance through a spike in libido and improved erections.

Apart from paying your dues in the weight room and eating food that naturally boost testosterone levels like nuts and eggs, you can use supplements like Test Freak. Review the product’s literature and you will see that it is made with natural ingredients like stinging nettle as well as DHT and AI substances.

Test Freak can boost both energy and mood. But more importantly, it aids users in building muscle mass, transforming beasts in the gym into freaks of nature. If you are a hard gainer or simply a busy person who finds ways to get to the gym despite a busy schedule, then you will find this supplement to be convenient to use. All you need is to simply take four pills before going to bed. It’s that simple.

Stop letting low T levels affect your performance in the gym, playing field and in the bedroom. Start taking control by boosting your testosterone levels now.


Effort to Live a Healthy-Wealthy Life

Are you disturbed due to the extra kilos you have adapted in these years? Well, running `after a successful life might have got you a lot of money, property, fame but the most important thing that you tend to lose during this course is your health. Yes, sitting in front of the computer screen and typing for hours not only block your mental growth, but also makes you physically unfit. Moreover, late night extra timing, partying, drinking alcohol and not taking care of the physical fitness start taking toll upon your good health.

The side effects that become visible very soon are the extra bulges and fats around your waist, hips, etc. Overall fatness arrives due to your negligence towards the indications that your body tries to make your realize through raising your tummy size, waist size or reducing your body flexibility. What you need at this stage is a little care towards your health.

How to take care of your health?
The body is a gift that you get without doing anything. However, as you start growing some of your activities start harming this gift. Smoking, drinking, irregular food habit, restlessness, overnight work or get together- all these are such activities of your daily life that cause harm to your health. However, to compensate these loses you need to have such activities which can hold your strength, immunity and mental peace.

All you need is to take care of yourself and you can do it by going for the under mentioned activities.

Drink water
Drinking plenty of water is very important. If you want to keep yourself fir and fine, balancing the water level in the body is very important. It keeps your metabolism level proper, helps you remove the unwanted elements through sweat and urine and also regulates the temperature level of the body.

Fitness walk
A half an hour walk regularly can help you stay fit in a great way. This makes your muscles strong and helps you overcome the lethargies.

Proper diet
Having right amount of food at right time can be greatly effective upon your body. Know what your body needs and have food in right quantity.