Toothpaste: more to it than just fluoride

Like every other TV commercial will tell you: you need X and Y toothpaste to keep your gums and teeth healthy. They get the latter part right, oral hygiene is no minor matter and keeping a healthy set of teeth in today’s junk food heavy world is an even tougher task. What many people don’t realize is that the problem is not exactly helped by the modern fluoride heavy toothpastes. Even medically there has been enough research on the subject and fresh debate ensues upon the nature and extent of the damage that fluoride can cause to the mouth.  The concern is on alternatives though: not enough research has gone into investigating the organic compounds that can serve us better.

Obviously items like baking soda top the list for naturally occurring toothpaste but as of now that remains less marketed and more obscure of a fact. Flouride’s basic damage steps in the form it containing potential carcinogens and that basically is enough cause for worry. The research is not conclusive on this end: that is the other worry.

Now if dental schools reduce the financial strain upon their students then maybe we will see more headway in this research. Obviously that is one debate, over which we may never hear conclusive enough a verdict but that does not reduce the importance of keeping your teeth healthy. So we switch and look: toothpastes that are more organic and better suited to helping us fight the cavities and dental bacteria. Luckily enough there are a few answers too.

Herbal Tooth Powders

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The best thing about these is the quantity of the organic herbs used within them. They are a fine alternative too because many of those herbs have gum strengthening properties as well as teeth whitening. They are especially used as medicines in case of infection or toothaches but their regular usage can be a fine addition if you want to avoid most dental problems for the rest of your life.

The worst part about them is also the herbs though. If you are purchasing the powder, make sure you’re buying something which has its quantities approved by your dentist. Mixtures that are sold without verification can be as harmful as excess fluoride within a toothpaste. Obviously they do not give you the minty mouth feel of the toothpaste but then a healthy set of teeth seem to be a fair trade off.

Sea Salt

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A lot of people use baking soda as a clear alternative to toothpastes, which is a very good choice. An even better choice though is right there within our beaches though. Many are skeptic about it but the salt’s acidic properties just go well with cleaning the teeth as well as strengthening the gums. The best approach at hand here is to just dissolve some salt in the water and then dip your finger in it and start brushing. Many people substitute this with the salt they use in their food which is not a bad alternative either but the results are significantly better with seal salt. Not so good to taste but it sure does give you the strong bite you want.

Oil cleaning

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This must sound surprising but oil actually does work. And it works rather brilliantly if you have had the care to use it. Since it does not mix too well with many things containing water, it acts as an excellent repellent for bacteria and fungi. Applying it can be done in a variety of ways but the best way is to follow it through with some scrubbing via brush soaked in pure water.

Oils from fruits like coconuts are especially a good pick for this because of their properties.