3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

  You’re working out, eating healthy and you’ve changed your life; so why   aren’t you losing the weight? A lot of people make huge weight loss mistakes while they are dieting and often don’t realize it until they see that the number on the scale isn’t changing. By learning about these mistakes you can avoid them and make sure you are doing everything possible to lose weight the healthy way. Below are the biggest weight loss mistakes that are also the most common.

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Starvation is something that many dieters think they have to experience. This actually is not true at all and is something you should avoid at all costs. You have to eat enough for your body to run efficiently, or else your metabolism will start to slow down. So, find out what your BMR (there are calculators online) is, and then find out your AMR (online calculators for this as well).

After finding this number you will be able to determine how many calories you need to cut, which shouldn’t go under your BMR. Your body NEEDS calories in order to survive, so don’t avoid food like so many people do! Eat and you will find that it’s actually easier to increase your metabolism and lose weight.

Mistake #2: Miscounting Calories

Did you eat ketchup with your fries or have barbecue sauce on your chicken? A lot of people forget to count the calories of small things they eat or drink during the day. These are common weight loss mistakes that really add up and unfortunately, can cause you to gain weight over the course of the week. Just think about it: a bite of a piece of cake, a little bit of butter on your toast or an extra serving of pasta are all going to add up.

It’s also important not to underestimate the calories of the foods that you’re eating. There are tons of calorie calculators online you can use, even for when you’re dining out at restaurant. Utilize all the tools out there so you don’t underestimate your calories and actually keep accurate track of what you’re eating.

Mistake #3: Inaccurate Calorie Burn

The machines at the gym may seem like they are great, but they can hinder your weight loss efforts. When one gives you the number of calories you’ve burned after a long session, it’s important to know that it’s likely not accurate. In fact, a recent study showed that most machines overestimate calories burned by an astounding 40%+, which is something that can really affect your weight loss efforts.

If you want to get the most accurate number of calories burned, then invest in a heart rate monitor. There are even watches that will record your heart rate and determine calories burned based on your weight and age. Although it might be sad to find out your calorie counts were wrong before, it can help you get back on track with your weight loss.

Even if you’re making these weight loss mistakes now, you can correct them. They may seem small, but they can make a big impact with how quickly you lose weight. You’ve already made big changes in your lifestyle, so these should be easy to correct!

Author Bio:  Cindin is a health enthusiast who is determined to assist those in need of losing those extra pounds and endure a healthier lifestyle.

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