A Case for a Dairy Free Diet

When my oldest son was born we thought he was normal and healthy in every way. We started noticing a change as he was weaned off of breast milk and began drinking cow’s milk. We didn’t connect the dots until we finally visited an allergy dr. and she told us he had an allergy to dairy and we had to begin a dairy free diet for our little guy.

Personally, I never once thought about life without dairy. My wife and I were very confused and unsure of the measures to take to begin this new dairy free diet for our son. What we thought was a handicap lead us to a new way of eating and thinking as a family. This new way of eating sparked an interest in me and I began studying why would my son have an allergy for something that I thought everyone drank? Doesn’t milk do a body good? As I began my research I soon found that there is growing evidence in not consuming dairy. Below are a few startling conclusions I came to that may make you consider a dairy free diet.

Dairy Free Diet

Linked to Cancer – Would it surprise you that dairy is linked to cancer? Well, it is true. If you or someone you know has an allergy to dairy then they are allergic to the protein casein that is found in milk. Casein has viruses that can start the onset of leukemia and lymphoma. Casein actually puts the body in an inflamed state which can help promote cancer.

Linked to Autoimmune Disease – A terrible disease that is running rampant is Type 1 Diabetes. One conclusion that has been reached is the immune system can reach the point where it can no longer tell the difference between casein and other cells in the pancreas. What happens? The immune system attacks them both.

Linked to Asthma – The Chicago Tribune reported in 2006 that in order to treat asthma, dairy should be eliminated. Mothers that are breast feeding can help fight asthma by implementing a dairy free diet themselves. Breastfed babies have much stronger immune systems than babies that are not. There are also direct links between asthma and high cholesterol, and dairy is very high in cholesterol!

Dairy consumption in America is considered normal. As research begins to grow I think that we will see less and less dairy being consumed because it is link to so many disorders. Fortunately, we live in a day and time where there are great options for those that are considering a dairy free diet. Many health food stores contain many dairy free and vegan options. There is also a lot of great milks out there like rice milk that are just as tasty, full of calcium, and no risk!

My family and I have come along way since those initial days. We are at a great place now in our health, and it is so refreshing to be able to see my son eat without struggle. Is it time for you to re-think dairy?

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