All you need to know about laminectomy surgery

 Laminectomy surgery is a simple procedure effective for relieving back ache and neck ache.

Suffering from back ache or neck ache is a common problem today. The stress of working for long hours, no exercise at all and bad sitting postures are mostly responsible for such chronic neck and back aches. Another indirect contributor to such back aches and neck aches is lack of calcium.

Lack of calcium makes the bones of the spinal cord weak, making the bones brittle and the erosion of the bones causes the ache in your back and neck. People mostly suffer from lower back aches and neck aches. While sometimes, these can be cured with regular exercise, proper diet and maintaining certain points your doctor tells you to, in most cases the only solution is surgery.

Do not be worried if your doctor asks you to undergo a laminectomy surgery to cure your back ache or neck ache. It is after all better to opt for a permanent solution for the chronic ache, when there is one, than to keep taking painkillers every time for temporary relief. Laminectomy is a very simple surgical procedure that would take only a few hours to be done and you would be up doing your work within no time at all.

This particular surgery does not even need to cut through the muscles of the back, only a small incision on the skin is enough to carry out the procedure successfully. It is a very effective surgery for people suffering from lower back ache or neck pain for a long time. Hence if you too have such a chronic pain, consult your doctor today for a permanent solution.

It is important though to get your surgery done from a good place and at the hand of an experienced surgeon. The surgery is simple but if an amateur person who does not have the expertise tries to do it, it might damage the nerves going through the proximity of the spinal cord. Hence since this is the question of your health, it is suggested that you do not compromise with the quality.

If it takes a little more money to hire the services of a good surgeon, make sure you do it. What you ca do is ask for recommendations from your own doctor as to which hospital would be good for the surgery and which surgeon would be good too. Since your doctor is attached to this medical profession and since your doctor is also treating other patients with the same ailment, your doctor would be able to guide you best.

After the surgery is over, it does not take much time to recover from laminectomy. Nevertheless, you have to listen to every word you doctor says if you want to recover fast. You might have to take medicines for a few days and also take rest for sometime before you fully recover. Make sure you follow everything your doctor says religiously and you would be completely fit to be up in no time at all, sans the back ache or the neck ache.

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