Artificial Sweeteners Lead to More Weight Gain than Sugar: Study

weight gain by sweetenersThe artificial sweeteners are used with a view of bearing low calorie. Hence many think that it may help to control weight. But a recent research made the earlier belief contrary. The studies found that artificial sweeteners like aspartame may increase the appetite and stimulate fat storage thereby leading to weight gain.

Adding more fire to it, another research reveals that aspartame also worsens the sensitivity of insulin. Aspartame consists mainly of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. These two amino acids found in Aspartame catalyse the insulin and leptin release which are involved with satiety and fat storage. Hence they cause weight gain. This elevated levels of insulin and leptin cause diabetes, obesity and several chronic diseases.

The research related to artificial sweeteners and its effect on weight has been published in the journal Appetite (January 2013 issue). The research was carried out by Brazilian research team. The researchers found that when the body gets sweet taste devoid of calories, then the appetite control mechanism of the body is aversely affected which increases the food cravings.

As a basic concept, it can be said from the study that natural sugar allows body to determine the calorie intake while in case of sweeteners the body appetite gets activated by the sweet taste but due to lack of calories, the hunger sensation prevails.

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