10 Tips to Help You from Overeating at Christmas Dinner!


     christmas overeating While some dieters like to take the holidays off from their diet, I don’t. I know that if I take a day off, there is a chance that I won’t start again and there is no way I am going to let that happen. I thought  I would put together a list of great tips to help yourself from splurging this holiday season

1. Indulge in a large protein filled breakfast. Think wheat toast, egg whites, turkey bacon, and veggies. Why not make a large omelette? By starting out your day with a large meal, you are less likely to overeat later.

2. Plan out the amount of calories you will have to eat at dinner time. This will set realistic goals as to how much you really will be able to eat.

3. Try and get a quick workout in before dinnertime. Remember, a 30 minute walk burns around 200 calories.

4. When it comes time for dinner, take a moment and observe the food. Look at all the options.

5. If you have the option, use a small appetizer plate as opposed to a full size dinner plate.

6. Portion control is key. Take a small amount of the items you want. Be sure to fill half your plate with veggies. Remember, when it comes to meat, you should eat no larger than the size of your palm. This equals about 4 oz.

7. Before eating, drink a glass of water. This will help aid in your becoming full quicker.

8. Eat your veggies first. Most vegetables are very filling.

9. Eat slowly. By eating slowly, this allows your body time to tell your brain that you are full. This will help prevent overeating.

10. For dessert, try some of nature’s candy, FRUIT! But if you MUST have that cupcake or cookie, eat half and share with someone or take the rest home for the next day:)

Remember, do not deprive yourself. Get the items you want in smaller portions, start with the veggies, and then make your way onto the rest. You are less likely to feel guilty about not being able to have gotten the food you wanted when you did get it but are simply to full to eat it