5 Immutable Fat Loss Principles

Rather than keep doing fad diets after fad diets and never really getting results long term.  Follow these base principles of fat loss long term and never diet again

1. A healthy body doesn’t carry Fat

Of all the Fat Loss fads and methods, this is immutable.  If your body is toxic and acidic, you will always struggle to burn fat.  Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol, Sugar amongst other things all increase inflammation in the body and causes the vital organs to have to work on detoxifying the damage that these foods and drinks do rather than burning fat.  So get plenty of fruits and vegetables or take a greens drink to ensure your body is as alkaline as possible.  Get yourself a free detox plan.

2. Don’t cut Calories and Carbohydrates, cycle them

Traditional diets are flawed.  Cutting calories only leads to your body shutting down its fat burning potential and long term hormonal damage.  Instead, have high days and low days.  This will manipulate the Fat burning hormone Leptin meaning you’ll burn more fat and your adherence long term

3. Synch up your training to explode your fat loss results

We talked about high days and low days above?   If you do Lactic acid style training i.e HIIT Cardio or Metabolic Resistance training on your low carb/calorie days and weight training on your higher carb/calorie days, you fuel the body when it actually needs it.  Lactic Acid training is hard, so by doing it under depleted calories means that you will burn  a shed load more fat and then when under weights that tax the body in a different way, you can refuel and have the energy to give your training the best shot you can

4.  Go organic and grass fed

Supermarket meat is a minefield, chicken fed on cereals and injected with water and chemicals.  Head to your local farm shop and get the organic, grass fed variety and reap the rewards, you’ll get heathier and as we said, a healthy body doesn’t carry fat

5. Stress makes you fat

When we get stressed, lose sleep, consume too much caffeine, sugar or alcohol.  Your body secreates a hormone called cortisol, which in turn promotes weight gain around the mid section.  You’ll also exhaust your adrenal glands and cause all sorts of problems.  Try to avoid stress, get at least 8 hours a night sleep don’t relay on alcohol/caffeine to relax/for energy