The Best Super Foods

With the summer getting closer, very quickly some of us may be panicking about fitting into that bikini and looking out best on the beach. This means we have to be strict with ourselves, making sure we don’t over indulge and stick to our healthy eating and exercise regimes. Here, we give you the super foods that allow you to lose weight at a fast pace, without the need for any fad diets which can hinder you weight loss and put you at risk of yo-yo dieting.

It may seem a strange theory, that you can eat more and lose weight and while this doesn’t mean eating fatty foods, filled with empty calories, there are some great foods that can boost your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn fat and therefore lose weight. The foods can be incorporated into most meals and most can be the substitutes for less healthy alternatives.

Whole Grains
This can range from wholegrain bread to brown rice as the body uses more energy to break down whole foods as opposed to processed foods and they also allow you to feel fuller for longer, reducing the amount of snacks you consume. The fibre and protein present in whole grain means you get a constant source of energy that allows you to maintain a good energy level throughout the day.

Green Tea
This is great for weight loss due to the antioxidants present in the tea, which help to burn fat and boost our metabolism. The antioxidants also help the liver to work more efficiently, further increasing the chances of you burning more fat. A study has shown, by making the change to green tea, without making any other lifestyle changes can burn up to 200 more calories.

Spicy Peppers
While Indian cuisine is thought to be relatively unhealthy, this isn’t necessarily the case and the chillies they add to their sauces are one of the best foods to eat if you are trying to lose weight. They heat up the body, making your metabolism faster and therefore burning more calories. There are plenty of Indian recipes you can make for yourself that have health benefits.

Fruit is an extremely important part of any diet, however berries have added benefits and the antioxidants in blueberries can make weight loss faster. Usually fruit is very sweet, offering a healthy option for those who have a sweet tooth. Smoothies are a great way to get your five a day and can even be a meal replacement as they are very filling.


3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

  You’re working out, eating healthy and you’ve changed your life; so why   aren’t you losing the weight? A lot of people make huge weight loss mistakes while they are dieting and often don’t realize it until they see that the number on the scale isn’t changing. By learning about these mistakes you can avoid them and make sure you are doing everything possible to lose weight the healthy way. Below are the biggest weight loss mistakes that are also the most common.

Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Starvation is something that many dieters think they have to experience. This actually is not true at all and is something you should avoid at all costs. You have to eat enough for your body to run efficiently, or else your metabolism will start to slow down. So, find out what your BMR (there are calculators online) is, and then find out your AMR (online calculators for this as well).

After finding this number you will be able to determine how many calories you need to cut, which shouldn’t go under your BMR. Your body NEEDS calories in order to survive, so don’t avoid food like so many people do! Eat and you will find that it’s actually easier to increase your metabolism and lose weight.

Mistake #2: Miscounting Calories

Did you eat ketchup with your fries or have barbecue sauce on your chicken? A lot of people forget to count the calories of small things they eat or drink during the day. These are common weight loss mistakes that really add up and unfortunately, can cause you to gain weight over the course of the week. Just think about it: a bite of a piece of cake, a little bit of butter on your toast or an extra serving of pasta are all going to add up.

It’s also important not to underestimate the calories of the foods that you’re eating. There are tons of calorie calculators online you can use, even for when you’re dining out at restaurant. Utilize all the tools out there so you don’t underestimate your calories and actually keep accurate track of what you’re eating.

Mistake #3: Inaccurate Calorie Burn

The machines at the gym may seem like they are great, but they can hinder your weight loss efforts. When one gives you the number of calories you’ve burned after a long session, it’s important to know that it’s likely not accurate. In fact, a recent study showed that most machines overestimate calories burned by an astounding 40%+, which is something that can really affect your weight loss efforts.

If you want to get the most accurate number of calories burned, then invest in a heart rate monitor. There are even watches that will record your heart rate and determine calories burned based on your weight and age. Although it might be sad to find out your calorie counts were wrong before, it can help you get back on track with your weight loss.

Even if you’re making these weight loss mistakes now, you can correct them. They may seem small, but they can make a big impact with how quickly you lose weight. You’ve already made big changes in your lifestyle, so these should be easy to correct!

Author Bio:  Cindin is a health enthusiast who is determined to assist those in need of losing those extra pounds and endure a healthier lifestyle.

Get Ready for Summer 2013!

Working out and eating healthy isn’t so much about how it makes you look, its about how it makes you feel. And with summer approaching quickly, you want to look and feel your best! So how can we prepare for summer? What steps do we need to take to make Summer 2013 look and feel great? Remember the hard work you put in today will create a better tomorrow!

1. Motivation

What motivates you? Where do you find inspiration? Personally, I have found Pintrest and Instagram to provide me with a daily dose of inspiration. Motivational fitness quotes and pictures give me that extra urge to keep going. I also like reading health magazines such as Self and Shape. Each morning when I wake up, I read a fitness article or find a quote that will jump start my day. Surrounding yourself with positive information, will increase in positive results.

2. Eat 5-6 small meals daily

Did you know that diet determines 80% of your results? If you are not eating right, you will have trouble getting to where you want to be. Breaking down your food intake into 5-6 healthy small meals daily is quite helpful. It allows you the chance to “snack” throughout the day as well as keep you organized and aware of what you are consuming.

3. Stick to a workout routine

So you signed up for those yoga, spinning, and zumba classes , running in the park when you can, thinking about hiring a personal trainer, while balancing a full time job not to mention the bills and the kids? Not sure where to start or stop? Create a workout plan and stick to it. Keep organized. Monday you will run in the park for 45 minutes. Tuesday you will take that Zumba Class. 2-3 times a week you will focus on weight training at the gym and targeting those muscle groups. There are plenty of workout plans you can find online. Creating a workout plan that fits your needs without stressing you out will provide a more positive approach to fitness.


The Real Practical Guide To Weight Loss

Weight-Loss-Plan       When it comes to weight loss there’s so much information out there that you can be easily confused. You have one person who says that you need to exercise more while you have another person who says that exercising too much will cause you to gain weight. You have one person who says you need to restrict calorie intake then you have another person who says you need to eat as many calories as possible in order to fuel your metabolism.

 What I want to do is set the record straight and tell people what really works to lose weight. We have many people who make claims that they have success with weight loss through exercise and restriction of calories but a lot of the time these approaches to lose weight lead to many other health problems.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to increase your metabolic rate. Your metabolism also known as thyroid function is what keeps you burning calories effectively throughout the day. If you have a high metabolic rate you will not only burn fat but you also regulate blood sugar. It will help with digestion and help you with many other health related issues. You want to have a high metabolic rate to keep an ideal weight and have a good quality of life. If you’re wondering what you can do to increase your metabolism. Here are some things you can add into your everyday life to do so.

Light from the Sun contains a certain spectrum of color, predominately red and orange. These red and orange colors of light that come from the sun help stimulate thyroid function. This helps you to burn fat. Other foods that can help you lose weight are coconut oil and raw honey. Both coconut oil and honey are great food for speeding up your metabolism. I’m not recommending that you just eat coconut oil throughout the day and consume tablespoons of raw honey alone. You want be eating coconut oil and raw honey in the right ratios with protein. You want proteins, carbs and fats in every meal. Your body is like a car and you have to put the right type of fuel in your car. If you don’t put the right type of fuel in your car then it’s going to run sluggish.

I think another reason why people don’t have success long term with weight loss is because they look at weight loss in a superficial sense. They think that if they lose weight then you’ll feel better because the weigh they lose allows them to get more acceptance from other people. The problem with this is that a lot of times the weight loss itself gives them the confidence. This confidence causes people to treat him differently.

The truth is even if you lose a ton a weight but if you still feel awful on the inside then that’s going to reflect on the outside. You want to lose weight in a healthy way. By losing weight in a healthy way you’re going to not only get the ideal body you want but also feel great on the inside. I know a lot of people who make recommendations that you should exercise more to lose weight but a lot of times people are already in a state where their metabolism is quite broken.

Exercise will only exacerbate that already broken metabolism. I do think exercise can be beneficial but a lot of times people would just be better off walking. Resistance training is probably the safest form of exercise as it produces the least amount of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a toxin to the body and will slow down your metabolism. I think that with the right food before and after weight training you might be able to get the benefits of the workout without the damage of the lactic acid. A lot of times though for most people this is a tight rope act. I would stay away from exercise and just walk for a period of time until you feel confident that you can do weight training without dropping your metabolism. A lot of people say that exercise increases your metabolism but they fail to understand how the body works.

A lot of people might be surprised to hear that I recommend honey in meals. People are afraid of sugar and feel that sugar is why they are gaining weight. Many people recommend that you eliminate sugar from your diet in order to lose weight. This is a real problem because sugar in the forms of honey and fruits are great for blood sugar regulation.

Sugar is a great tool for increasing metabolism. I’ve seen huge shifts in people’s metabolism by them incorporating raw honey into their meals. Sugar is a great ally when it comes to weight loss. I want people to work with sugar in order to lose weight. I know that there’s a ton of information and can be overwhelming. My advice would be do what works for you. We all ultimately need to do what works for us because we are all different and have different needs. Remember that ultimately the biggest road block to your weight loss is your diet. You can exercise all you want but if you eat unhealthy foods then you’ll never get long-term success with your weight.

Planning Your Diet to Lose Weight

Plan weight loss   It becomes very important to plan your diet before you start your weight loss program. As you search for various diet products to eat during your weight loss program, you will find number of foods which you can incorporate into your diet plan. The manufacturing of these food items is done only to earn profit. So before you start investing your time and money into your weight loss program, analyse various things including foods to get better results.

The best thing you can do is to organize your current diet plan by controlling your daily meals. Start eating more of healthy and nutritious food. Instead of adhering to totally new diet plan, make certain important changes in your present diet like featuring more of healthy and nutritious ingredients in your meals.

Those who are not much interested in cooking by themselves can purchase healthy food items from market. Vegetables and fruits are commonly suggested during weight loss program period. But you must look for other foods which can further supplement your current diet to increase the chances of ending up on the winning side.

To start with, you can browse for information on what to eat for losing weight on the internet. Instead of dealing with ads or spam, you must search for information by yourself. You will find plenty of topics related to this. Make right choices for you and make them work for you. There is no secret to finding best food items for losing weight. All you need is to spend few minutes on exploring healthy and nutritious foods and recipes for foods. Once you have chosen the right diet plan for you, you need to follow it properly and you will be assured of good results and only then your investment in terms of time and money will be worth it.