How To Stay Motivated To Workout

Spending your day at work or carrying out the tasks you have to do each day can often leave us feeling tired and dejected, struggling to come up with the enthusiasm and energy needed to workout on an evening.

It’s at times like these where you need to find those little motivating factors that are going to help pull you through your workouts and get to the level of fitness you want to achieve.

Get in to a routine

If you work out once and then leave it a few days before doing it again, it can be more difficult to build up the enthusiasm needed to actually workout. Getting yourself into a regular workout pattern helps you not only get used to getting through the workout, but allows you to stay motivated and in a mindset where you want to work out.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself a goal when working out is a great way to push yourself to workout each day. The goal for you to work towards depends entirely on you and what you are looking to achieve. It could be a certain amount of weight you want to lose, a time you want to complete an exercise in or a number of reps for particular exercise you want to achieve. No matter what your goal may be, setting yourself targets is probably the best way to keep yourself keen and motivated.

Don’t push yourself too hard

When we workout we always feel like we want to push ourselves as far as we can, burning off as many calories as possible and building up a real sweat. While this is generally a positive way to look at your workout, you need to also think about all future workouts. It’s no good pushing yourself as hard as you can and then feeling too sore and stiff to be able to work out the next day. Although you want to push yourself when working out, you need to make sure that it won’t affect your ability to work out over the next few days. Carrying out two exercises at 75% will provide you with a better workout than one session at 100%.

Eat a light carb filled meal prior to working out

Working a long day can use up a lot of our energy before we even begin to think about working out. To try and get some of this energy back in order to get through a workout, you could try having a light meal around an hour to an hour and a half before your scheduled workout. When making up your meal, you need to make sure that it not only contains protein, but has a good amount of carbohydrates as this is what will give you your energy. In terms of ratios, you want it to be around 70%-30% in favour of carbohydrates. Ideas for potential meals could include chicken or salmon along with pasta or brown rice. This will help give you that much needed energy kick to make it through an evening workout.

Work out on a morning

The easiest way to solve the problem of not having the energy or motivation to workout on an evening is to simply work out on a morning. As you will have a full supply of energy, you will be able to work out for longer, push yourself harder and have an overall better workout. However, if you do decide to work out on a morning you need to make sure that it won’t affect your energy levels before going to work. While it may help improve your fitness levels, you don’t want it to reduce the quality of your work.

Use personalised fitness clothing

Having your own personalised fitness equipment such as printed t-shirts and other garments is a great way to give you that much needed motivation to hit the gym .If you have spent some of your hard earned money getting your fitness equipment, you don’t want them to just sit in your closet never getting used. Also, if you are working out for a greater cause such as a marathon, fun run or charity event, you could have a printed t-shirt created as part of your promotion. That way, every time you go to work out, you will see what you are working towards and it will give you that motivation to train.

Trying each of these motivation techniques will help you get through a long day at work, keeping your motivation levels high and allowing you to then get through a hard workout on an evening. While one of them may not work for you, eventually you will find one technique that keeps you motivated.



Walk more comfortably with arch support shoes

“We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more”. A great quote and is truly applicable to life. A physically strong person looks elegant and grabs everyone’s attention. Everyone wants to look classier and so hard exercise becomes a part of their life. Exercise is always beneficial to your mind and body but can be very stressful for your knees, back and feet especially supportive measures are not taken.

Arch support while walking

 During your early morning walk it is always advisable to wear proper shoes. This will aid you to stay away from foot related problems and pain caused due to improper foot wear. But most importantly it is always advisable to wear arch support shoes. This support is quite advantageous for both men and women. It is a special support which is highly helpful in myriads ways. It helps our feet muscles to relax and relieves stress. It also makes the feet feel weightless and makes us feel light weighted. So a support in our feet will enable us to walk long hours which beneficial to our heart and blood circulation

Apart from exercise, if you are in professions where you are required to walk long hours then this arch support are ideal for you. They impart lot of support and comfort to your feet.

Flip flop foot wear are the best foot wear for women as they are available with this unique support and gives a beautiful foot curved position which is highly preferred by women round the globe. This curve support will help to walk grace fully without any foot problem.

Arch support while running

 Pounding the pavement is ideal to shed off and get into shape. This is a very common exercise performed by thousands of workout enthusiasts but again can be stressful for your feet if proper preventive measures are not taken. Running is a hard impact exercise and so great injuries can be caused during such sports. During this exercise, the effect of the body weight striking the ground is very high causing injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, twisted ankles, and stress fractures. In many cases the sufferer ignores such injuries causing a serious foot harm or prolonged trauma to these areas.

Unfortunately the workout enthusiasts spend lot on their shoes but totally ignore the actual supporting system of the foot.  Shoes alone cannot support your whole body; it is the curve support in your foot that gives you stability and balance to your body. Using such supports while running can reduce the possibility of the aforementioned foot injuries and provide freedom from all kinds of foot disorder.

Apart from providing support to your feet when you walk or run, it reduces your back and leg pains. The support aids in better motion and controls the feet as well as the back.

It is always advisable to select proper support because using improper one can cause more damage. So a small support in your feet will sustain your whole body.


Be Fit or Go Home

Today’s world is fast paced and requires you as an individual to be in top shape so as to cope with your daily activities. As a corporate worker you have probably experienced occasions whereby you feel outstretched and unable to cope physically. It is even worse when your nature of work is one which is physically demanding. There is no better way to address and take care of your health issues apart from going to the gym and sticking to a healthy diet that will complement your workout schedule.

The advantages of keeping physically fit are not only work related but go even further to improve your mental well-being and capacity to understand issues. Employers are now more than ever keen to employ individuals who will be able to aggressively work in various fields while at the same time being able to withstand high pressure characterized by deadlines and targets that have to be met without failure.

If you have never done any form of physical exercises then worry not because it really is not a daunting task. When starting off it is advisable to work out lightly and not to over stretch yourself, at the beginning you may feel exhausted but as time goes by your body will get fitter and you will find your workout routine more enjoyable than ever before.

Finding the right workout regimen is critical in your fitness pursuit. There are two ways in which you can go about it; firstly you may decide to do the exercises at the comfort of your home by buying relevant workout equipment and videos to guide you through. Secondly you may join a gym and be part of workout group whereby you will get expert advice on your workout and diet based on your body mass index and how much weight you want to shed off.

Owing to the importance of keeping fit, the health and fitness market has experienced a surge in the type of workout regimen available in the market. The craze makes it easy to find a perfect workout schedule that matches your daily job routine. In terms of the cost of keeping fit, it will vary depending on your type of training and service provider. The market is flexible and you can find affordable gyms t join while at the same time you can go for premium services. The important bit to always remember is that you get to exercise your body at your own pace and gradually progress to advanced workouts as your body adjusts.

Here in UK if you are disabled and under the age of 65 years you are entitled to a disability living allowance which you can inquire through the Dla contact number and use it to maintain your health and fitness. The old and disabled who are above 65 years are also not left behind. There are a range of exercises that have been tailor made to suit this group and help them keep healthy and prolong life.


Simple Exercises for Successful Fat Burning

Ever since time immemorial, it has been a personal desire of many people to get rid of fat in their bodies. They have tried to exercise, to hit upon diet regimes and also starve. But all these have been fruitless attempts at burning the fat away. What should you ideally do? You should find exercises that will help you to lose your body fat effectively and permanently. Also, you should try to do exercises which will not give you any side effects like pain or cramps. This means that you should find exercises that are quite simple to do. Here is an overview of the exercises that will help you to burn and crush fat without any difficulty. Here is a line-up of easy and popular exercises that will be of benefit.

1- Bicycle Exercise

This is actually a tough exercise. However, there is an easier way to do it. Instead of complicating things by sticking your hands behind your head, you can simply choose to lie down on a bed completely supine and raise your knees so that they almost touch your belly. Then, slowly and leisurely, you need to pedal both the legs in a bicycle fashion. The unique benefit of this exercise is that it is quite easy to do it and you can repeat it on and on to build your muscles faster. This is a simple one to do.

2- Leg Raise

In many gyms, the leg raise is one of the most recommended exercises for fitness of the body. The benefit is that your back and shoulders get plenty of support and there is no risk of any damage to them. You need to position yourself in a Captain’s Chair with two arm-rests by your side. You have to position yourself squarely on the two arm-rests and pull up your loose-hanging knees up to your abs. When you do this, you will be able to get your abs exercised. This is a great and simple thing to do for your fat.

3- Ball Crunch

Once again, this is an exercise which has a tougher and complicated variation. But the ball crunch is also quite popular and preferred in most gym workouts. This is because it is quite easy to do it. All you need to do is to lie down on a mat with your hands holding the ball. Then, you need to do the regular crunches by holding the ball in the hands. Doing these crunches for some time over and over will help you to workout your muscles efficiently and effectively as well. So, you will find it simple.

4- Vertical Leg Crunch

For a more powerful workout in the abs region, you should do the vertical leg crunches. Vertical leg crunches are crunches in which you have to raise the legs vertically. This means that you have to then cross your legs and keep them standing together. When you do such a thing, you will be able to get a sufficient workout for the muscles in the abs. This means that you will be able to get your legs exercised in the process as well. Therefore, you should opt for a vertical leg crunch which will prove to be easy to do.

5- Arm Crunches

This is a better and more ingenious way of doing the regular crunches. This means that you should do a variation of the arm crunches. In the arm crunches, you will be required to raise your arms and stick them to your ears. The arms should be completely straight in the angle. Then, when you are raising your torso, you will be able to get sufficient exercise and workout for your abs in perfect way. Therefore, you need to do more of these arm crunches as they are quite useful for people..

Where do I Start if I Have Never Exercised?

Getting into a workout routine can be a challenge, especially if you have never exercised before. Exercising is a great way to get into shape and gain better overall health, something that is beneficial for everyone. Here are some tips for where to start if you have never exercised before.

Take it slow when you are first starting out. You are going to want to determine what your fitness goals are before you even start exercising. If you simply want to be more active, or if you have goals that are more specific, you should have them clearly outlined so that you can get the best out of the exercise. Make your goals achievable so that you don’t become disappointed and give up on exercising altogether.

When you start working out, you are going to want it to be simple and easy for you. Fifteen minutes a day, three days a week is a good starting goal as you work your way into exercising more frequently. Go at your own pace and focus on an activity that you are going to enjoy. If you don’t like to run, go for a walk, swim, play a sport, or do some other activity that you can enjoy while you get the exercise. Focus on some short-term goals such as improving your mood and reducing stress to begin with.

Making exercise a priority can be a whole lifestyle change. Exercising is great for your physical and mental health, so it should be something that is considered a priority and that you make room for in your schedule. Commit to a schedule for three or four weeks and force yourself to stick with it so that it can become a habit. It might seem really difficult to find time to exercise but all you really need is at least 10 minutes of activity to help increase your physical and mental health.

Expect some ups and downs, don’t get discouraged if you skip some days and get off track. This happens to everyone, and eventually you will be able to get right back into the swing of things in no time. Eventually you will be in such a routine of working out that you won’t even notice the time it takes out of your day and you will look forward to getting some exercise.


5 Ways to Burn Extra Calories

weight-loss-methodsThe world seems to be mean, pulling you down for that extra flab. You can’t control your diet and indulge in eating junk food. Drinking booze can give you the pot belly. Socializing and binging can also cause weight gain. Either you remain fat or check your taste buds and keep them in control.

Burning calories can be extremely challenging. How many calories do you burn v/s what is your daily calorie intake. This ratio is an important barometer while trying to loose calories. You can go through a diet chart which will balance off the intake of calories per meal. If you have had a meal full of carbohydrates for lunch you might omit the same for dinner. Dinner should be light as at night, due to less activity, we burn fewer calories, and calorie deposit is higher. The amount of calories burnt depends on your weight, height and the kind of exercise you do.

Look at 5 interesting ways to burn an extra calorie:

Freestyle exercise: Stretching, push ups, pull ups and other exercise can make you loose calories. Concentrate on specific body parts so that you can reduce there. For example: pull ups tone the stomach muscles, pulling it in and reducing fat. Push ups also tone the whole body strengthening the back and hips. Continuous exercise will remove unwanted fat and give you the slim look. Aerobics is also a free style exercise. Aerobics classes are becoming popular these days. Jumping and stretching to the tune of music is a fun way to reduce calories.

Swimming: This form of exercise works on the body muscle and removes fat. The whole body gets exercised and is the best way for a lean look. The breast stroke is effective on the chest muscles, hamstrings arms and inner thighs. This way you can burn 60 calories in 10 min. The back stroke tones buttocks, stomach, triceps and arms. One can burn 80 calories in 10 minutes. Swimming comes with various benefits. It is a low impact exercise thus it doesn’t injure the body. It is a high capacity fitness regime. Slow style of swimming is equivalent to calories burned during a brisk walk. Medium intensity swimming entails a medium intensity aerobics class. Fast swimming can be compared to a slow run. Working against the water currents gives your body that extra calorie burn.

Jogging: Jogging is the age old way of burning calories. Jog at medium pace, neither too fast nor too slow. The longer you jog the better it is. Don’t be in a hurry to cover distance; it is the time you spend in taking one step at a time.

Yoga: This is the best way to loose calories without being to strenuous. Yoga massages the internal organs, and this can help in loosing weight. For example, yoga works on the thyroid gland, which if doesn’t function properly, might hinder weight loss. There are various kinds of yoga. For instance power yoga burns 300 calories per hour. Hatha yoga burns 175 calories per hour. Though Power yoga has become popular among women all over the world. As its name suggests it is an intense form of yoga unlike the traditional yoga. It burns calories faster than any method.

To name a few yoga poses, the warrior pose is a high metabolism booster making for quick calorie burning. Sun salutation is a standard weight loss asana. The wheel pose tones the shoulders and back. The chair pose makes you sweat and carves the thighs and lower legs. The boat pose is an intense stomach flattener and abs shaper. Yoga relaxes the mind and boosts your energy levels. So it’s a big plus all the way.

Gym: Now-a-days, gyms are mushrooming all over the place. Every neighborhood has its own gym, one at least if not more. These gyms are equipped with the most modern techniques of burning calories. The classic treadmill burns calories for you in a fast and effective way. You can walk at slow pace, jog or run at a fast pace. It is up to you. The more time you spend on the treadmill, the more calories you will burn. The static cycle works on the buttock thighs ad lower legs .It helps in shaping the lower body giving a slender hip line and legs. The gym has instruments for shaping the bust, and giving it a lift. This is the latest form of exercise.

Take one step at a time. Don’t try to achieve all in one go. You could start with exercising for half an hour in a day and then increase it to one hour. You could do it four times a week if not every day. What style of exercise you choose depends on your circumstances, what is available, what is your workout capacity and what interests you the most. So happy exercising!


Six Exercises for Toning After Weight Loss

   Few things in the world are as satisfying as setting a weight goal, sticking to a stick routine, and then losing weight over a period of time, but there is often one more step when it comes to creating the perfect body. After shedding all those pounds, many health enthusiasts will notice that they are not as toned as they would like to be, but here are six amazing exercises that can be used to tone muscles and craft the perfect body.

1. Leg Raises

One of the most problematic areas when it comes to is the lower abs. While there are a number of popular exercises for abs, lying flat on one’s back and raising both legs into the area without bending the knees will focus all of the energy on the lower abs.

2. The Plank

Often used in yoga, pilates, and a number of other forms of exercise, planks are one of the most effective movements. Planks are a stationary exercise in which the individual will put themselves in the upwards position of a push up, holding themselves up for as long as possible.

3. Dips

Another problematic area is the back of the arms, or triceps. After losing weight, skin will often sag on the backside of one’s arms, but there are a number of great exercises to tone this area. This includes dips in which the core is held tight and the individual hangs off the chair, lowering themselves to the ground by bending their arms and gripping the edge of the seat.

4. Wood Chopper

One of the most grueling but effective toning exercises is the wood chopper. With a dumbbell or workout band, the person will chop in a diagonal motion with their arms held out from above their shoulders to below their knees.

 5. Side Plank

Much like the traditional plank, the side plank targets an exceptionally difficult area to tone, and that is the obliques. When in the upwards push up position, the individual will take one arm off the ground and raise it towards the sky with their core tight and their obliques flexed.

6. Superman

In order to target the lower back, shoulders, butt, and legs, few exercises are as effective as Superman. Lying flat on the floor face down, the person raises their arms and legs to the sky as far as possible, tightening all the muscles from their calves to their shoulders and holding the position.


A Few Exercising Types That Supports Weight Loss

Reducing weight is the primary concern of people of all ages. Our society is running fast and compelling us to be frantic to deal with our duties. We are losing interest in performing exercises due to this busy life style. But weight loss is a necessary requirement for many, especially women. Women are prone to diseases and weakness due to their fragile bone structure and slow improvement of muscle growth. Plus, women tend to gain extra fat after pregnancy. So, health experts believe that fitness training is necessary for every modern woman.

However, one cannot find the best exercising pattern on their own and get the job done without any professional guidance. The problem lies in our own inefficiency in understanding our body functions. So, experts of personal training sessions suggest asking help from professionals to lose weight without any hiccups.

So, we are going to talk about exercising techniques that women can include in their daily routines for improved fitness and weight loss.


Cardio exercises are designed to improve heart beat rate. It helps to maintain the flow of blood in body and keeps our blood pressure in check. These types of exercises generally do not require any equipment. Therefore, women can practice them without spending a penny. Jogging, running, stair climbing, cycling, swimming are few of the most popular cardio exercises that can improve health and promote fitness.

When our heart is healthy, our hormonal secretion stays normal. It also affects our metabolism in a positive way, thus improving appetite for healthy foods.


These types of exercises are generally developed in Asian countries. Asians found a way to connect with the nature without any side effects. When these exercises were proven to be helpful, people all over the world started to learn it for their own benefit. It is another efficient exercise that saves money and promotes inner health.

Breathing is the most important part of staying alive. Without breath, we would be dead. It gives us energy by inducing fresh oxygen with our blood cells. Breathing in a precise manner can help women to control their emotional and physical abilities.

Strength Training

Strength training is more of a muscle building exercise type rather than improving fitness. But, it is important because, without well built muscles you would not have strength to perform well in every aspect of life. Most of us believe that having improved muscles slows us down and affects our agility. But it is not true at all. Strength training can offer you muscle mass without changing any of your features such as flexibility, agility, etc.

This type of exercise requires equipment, but they are not expensive. And you can even join gyms or personal training studios to use these tools without buying them.

These three exercising types are the best ways to reduce fat tissues from body. Of course, there are other ways to shed a few pounds, but if you are seeking an inexpensive way to get the job done, combining these three exercising types would be the best way for weight loss.

Building Muscle Can Decrease Your Diabetes Risk – Study Suggests

Admittedly, many people only want to pack on lean mass for superficial reasons. As it turns out, bulking up can provide many more benefits than just simply “looking good”.

Increasing the amount of muscle mass on your body provides a whole host of benefits – and one of the most commonly known benefits to more muscle on your body is that it increases your metabolic rate. The more muscle you build, the more your metabolism skyrockets and this makes building muscle one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Muscles also make you stronger, which can help with just about any area of your life – from doing household chores, to kicking a soccer ball further, to hitting a baseball further and so on.

But a new study done by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism suggests that increasing the amount of muscle on your body can decrease your diabetes risk as well. The study took a look at date from 13,644 adults and concluded that a 10% increase in skeletal muscle in the test subjects resulted in an 11% decrease in insulin resistance and a 12% decrease in a pre-diabetes risk.

Dr. Preethi Srikanthan, lead researcher of the study, quoted:

“Our findings suggest that beyond improving metabolic rate and simply improving a person’s physique, building additional muscle mass can have a positive effect on a person’s risk factors for developing diabetes as well. This is a welcome message for anybody who struggles to drop body fat or suffers from pre-diabetes, since simply increasing the amount of muscle on their body can lower their diabetes risk significantly and decrease overall body fat levels.”

Well, there you have it. Although some more research will need to be done to further conclude Dr. Srikanthan’s findings, we can infer from this single study that lifting weights and building additional muscle mass can definitely result in a decrease in body fat and a decreased risk in diabetes. So if you haven’t already, get your butt off the couch and start lifting some serious iron! Don’t be a girl about it either – get in the gym and start weightlifting as hard as you can!