5 Surprising Food Items That Can Help You Lose Weight!

Obesity is the leading causes of death in the U.S. and worldwide, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

We know sugary food makes us gain weight and effects our mental health but  it is still consumed in excess. While there are several ways to counter weight gain, diet plays an important role in all of them. It is vital to consume the right foods if you want to lose weight effectively.

There are various foods which are recommended for their ability to help you lose weight. On the other hand, there are certain foods whose benefits in this matter are vastly underappreciated. In fact, some are even considered to be fattening such as nuts and dates. However, surprisingly, they can actually be immensely beneficial for you in losing weight.


Dates are known for their sweet taste and their high amount of sugar. However, the sugar, being of the natural variety, can help you sweeten up dishes. At the same time, dates contain a lot of magnesium which can help in reducing your blood pressure. Therefore, they make an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight effectively.

Dates are wholesome foods. However, like every good thing, they must never be consumed in excess. Four to five dates are the right amount for a day.


Chilies and peppers are a rich source of capsaicin which is the compound responsible for making them hot. Research suggests that this fiery substance can do more than just burn your taste buds. According to studies, capsaicin can cause the metabolic rate of the body to increase temporarily. As a result, you burn through fat faster. Additionally, the spiciness causes you to feel fuller faster thanks to the flavors. In other words, you eat less. Finally, it is believed that capsaicin may be capable of transforming white fat into what is known as brown fat, reducing your ability to gain weight.

Macadamia Nuts

Usually people suffering from obesity are asked to stay away from nuts. However, macadamia nuts can actually be beneficial for your weight loss program. They are rich in several essential nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B1 and manganese. Macadamia nuts also contain a lot of monounsaturated fat which is beneficial for the body. At the same time, they contain low amounts of protein and carbs.


Due to their high glycemic index, potatoes are usually avoided when trying to lose weight. However, research suggests that potatoes can still be consumed during a weight loss program as long as they are not fried. Potatoes contain fewer calories and a high concentration of vitamin C and potassium.


Surprisingly, chocolate is also beneficial for your weight loss efforts as long as you consume the right variety of chocolate. Consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis can help your body in various ways. We all know chocolate has the ability to improve your mood but   it is also capable of helping you lose weight by boosting your metabolism and controlling your appetite.

It is important to note that, while the above foods are beneficial, they must only be consumed in moderation After all, you are trying to lose weight.

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Anaya Shastri: I live to write and currently am a full-time blogger. Topics I like to write about include marketing, gifts, travel, festivals and many more. I also am a serious chocoholic and love to explore and write about anything and everything to do with chocolate. When not writing I am usually traveling or trekking in the mountains.

Detox– You’ll Feel Lighter and Better

An age old technique practiced even by the Chinese and Ayurveda’s, detox basically involves cleaning the body inside out by eliminating toxins from the body through various means. Detoxifying means; cleaning the body through the blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.

When do you need to detox?

If you are feeling lethargic, having skin problems, digestive issues- sluggish metabolism, bloating, aches and pains, low grade infections, menstrual problems, difficulty losing weight and mental confusion, it is time for a detox.

How can you detox?

Detoxing can be achieved by helping the body’s natural cleansing process by resting the organs through fasting, stimulating the liver, improving blood circulation and promote flushing out waste through the skin, kidneys and intestines.

Cutting down on your toxin load namely coffee, processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol, saturated fats and sugars is the first step. Using natural products for household cleaning and personal health care and avoiding chemical air pollutants that can possibly poison the blood can help too.

Follow a high fiber diet, consume organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and keep hydrated. Drink lots of tea, and eat less, clean and healthy to keep fit.

Reduce stress – the root cause of all ailments. Stress causes ‘adrenaline rush’ that slow down the detoxification enzymes in the liver. Exercising regularly, practicing yoga or other meditation techniques can help relieve stress, drive away negative emotions and develops a sense of peace.

Regular oil massaging and skin brushing, detox foot baths can exfoliate the skin to remove toxins and improve circulation. Sweating in the sauna can help the body get rid of toxins through sweat.

With the increasing use of CFC’s and environmental pollutants, use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides; the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and mental retardation is on the rise.

A colon detox is a must to purify your body and prevent toxins from re-entering your bloodstream, and also a heavy metal cleanses- the cause of headaches, allergies and muscle cramps.

There are various diets that can help you detox including Fruit and Veggie detox, Juice or Smoothie Cleanse, Sugar cleanse or Hypoallergenic detox. A fruit detox is a great way to fast without starving yourself, a liquid diet for a week or a fruit and vegetable diet can help to cleanse the body in a short time.

However, before following any diet, be sure to consult your G.P and a nutritionist as they can best advise you especially if you have a medical condition.

What are the benefits of detox?

Detoxification has many health benefits including

  • Speeds up weight loss
  • Boosts the Immune system
  • Improves Skin and Hair
  • Increase in stamina and general well being
  • Prevents chronic diseases and liver damage especially if you are constantly smoking or consume alcohol.
  • Improves mental health
  • Anti-ageing effect


Toothpaste: more to it than just fluoride

Like every other TV commercial will tell you: you need X and Y toothpaste to keep your gums and teeth healthy. They get the latter part right, oral hygiene is no minor matter and keeping a healthy set of teeth in today’s junk food heavy world is an even tougher task. What many people don’t realize is that the problem is not exactly helped by the modern fluoride heavy toothpastes. Even medically there has been enough research on the subject and fresh debate ensues upon the nature and extent of the damage that fluoride can cause to the mouth.  The concern is on alternatives though: not enough research has gone into investigating the organic compounds that can serve us better.

Obviously items like baking soda top the list for naturally occurring toothpaste but as of now that remains less marketed and more obscure of a fact. Flouride’s basic damage steps in the form it containing potential carcinogens and that basically is enough cause for worry. The research is not conclusive on this end: that is the other worry.

Now if dental schools reduce the financial strain upon their students then maybe we will see more headway in this research. Obviously that is one debate, over which we may never hear conclusive enough a verdict but that does not reduce the importance of keeping your teeth healthy. So we switch and look: toothpastes that are more organic and better suited to helping us fight the cavities and dental bacteria. Luckily enough there are a few answers too.

Herbal Tooth Powders

image one
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The best thing about these is the quantity of the organic herbs used within them. They are a fine alternative too because many of those herbs have gum strengthening properties as well as teeth whitening. They are especially used as medicines in case of infection or toothaches but their regular usage can be a fine addition if you want to avoid most dental problems for the rest of your life.

The worst part about them is also the herbs though. If you are purchasing the powder, make sure you’re buying something which has its quantities approved by your dentist. Mixtures that are sold without verification can be as harmful as excess fluoride within a toothpaste. Obviously they do not give you the minty mouth feel of the toothpaste but then a healthy set of teeth seem to be a fair trade off.

Sea Salt

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A lot of people use baking soda as a clear alternative to toothpastes, which is a very good choice. An even better choice though is right there within our beaches though. Many are skeptic about it but the salt’s acidic properties just go well with cleaning the teeth as well as strengthening the gums. The best approach at hand here is to just dissolve some salt in the water and then dip your finger in it and start brushing. Many people substitute this with the salt they use in their food which is not a bad alternative either but the results are significantly better with seal salt. Not so good to taste but it sure does give you the strong bite you want.

Oil cleaning

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This must sound surprising but oil actually does work. And it works rather brilliantly if you have had the care to use it. Since it does not mix too well with many things containing water, it acts as an excellent repellent for bacteria and fungi. Applying it can be done in a variety of ways but the best way is to follow it through with some scrubbing via brush soaked in pure water.

Oils from fruits like coconuts are especially a good pick for this because of their properties.

Why A Plant-Based Diet May Be Right For You

There are an endless amount of weight loss products, diets and programs available these days. But knowing which is going to be the best fit for your specific needs is becoming increasingly difficult. And considering that obesity rates are rising in America, it is more important than ever to find the healthiest way to lose weight while supplying your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it is craving.

If you pay any attention to mainstream media, you have likely heard the term plant-based diet. A plant-based diet is very simple in nature, and is the healthiest way you can lose weight, be healthier and feel wonderful in your skin. The reason that plant-based diets offer many people so much better results than the typical “low-fat” type diets is because a diet based on eating plant foods is what your body is looking for.

The human body is very complex, but at the same time quite simple. It requires nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Most of the typical foods that you can buy in the grocery store have been processed to the point to where those vital nutrients are missing. Meat and dairy products may provide your body’s essential needs such as protein and calcium, but they are certainly not the only source for these.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors may have fallen on hard times in regards to finding adequate food. During these times of famine, the human body had to learn to adapt during these lean times. By storing fat for longer periods of time, this allowed people without as much access to fresh food to use the energy in their fat cells to perform daily tasks, such as hunting for more food.

When you eat a diet that is devoid of essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to function and be healthy, it has no choice except to store fat for these “lean” times. It is no secret that in our current society, food is abundant for most people. So how could our body be preparing for famine if there is so much food?


On a nutritional level, we are starving! The human body is not looking for mere food that fills a void in our stomach. What our body is craving are the types of foods that feed us at the cellular level, not at the gut level. Eating processed food, meat, dairy or other animal products simply does not generate cellular growth within us. This is where a plant-based diet comes in.

 What Kind of Results Can I See Eating A Plant Based Diet?

One thing that is most important to remember is that eating a plant based diet is not a diet in the sense that you normally see the word used. A typical diet will have you counting calories, measuring fat grams, and being generally unhappy about how and what you eat. When you eat a plant based diet, you no longer need to worry about any of this.

When you eat fresh, wholesome foods that are naturally occurring in nature, there is no need to count and measure any of these things because they simply will not be a factor. It is not possible to overeat on a plant-based diet, and caloric intake means much less when you eat in this manner.

But once your body gets accustomed to the nutrition that you will be supplying it in the forms of fruit and vegetable foods, it will start to do something amazing – it will start dropping that stored fat! Your body will very simply realize that it is getting exactly what it needs, so there is no longer any need for stored fat for those lean times that it thought it was having before.

And when that happens, the weight comes off reasonably fast for most people. When I switched to a plant based diet, I consistently lost more than 5 pounds per week, and the weight will never come back. That is the other really important thing to remember about eating a plant based diet as part of your everyday life, and not just the latest fad in the diet industry.

As you eat, your body will use up the vitamins and nutrients that it requires and that is it. There are not any chemicals and added sugars that will need to be processed and stored as fat, so it literally becomes a non-issue. Very simply put, you will see amazing results if you start eating a plant based diet! Now that does not mean you can eat whatever types of foods that you want as long as they are not animal products.

Sugar, refined salt, various chemicals and bleached flours and breads are not going to promote weight loss if you continue to eat them. Eating in this manner is a way of life, and not the latest fad that can deliver quick and easy results. The object of a plant-based diet is to be healthier and more fit, not to lose “5 pounds before summer”. When you adopt this philosophy and lifestyle, your weight loss will take care of itself very easily.

I hope you try eating a plant based diet so that you can see all of the wonderful benefits that it has for your body. Not only in weight loss, but in your overall health and well-being.

Weight Loss Tips at Home

If you really want to lose weight but can’t go to the gym, do not worry! The below mentioned tips if followed whole heartedly will help you shed that extra weight much quicker and effectively:

Create The Right Mindset

Brighten up the lightening in your dining room and kitchen because dim light affects your eating habits.

Music really helps in reducing stress related to eating. It fulfils an inner need that could lead to overeating. If you have a CD of that favourite song of yours, turn it on!

Using lights in your kitchen or dining room would be a good idea. Note that Blue color has the effect of making the food less appealing instead of warmer colors like yellow which has quite the opposite effect. This is the very reason why most restaurants and fast food joints use yellow in their interiors so that you eat more.


Research has proved that people tend to eat all of what they put on their plates even its more than what they actually need to satisfy their hunger. If your dinner plates are large then buy dishes that are smaller.

Make sure that your glass sizes are small so that you don’t end up consuming too many calories. So, make sure you stick to smaller glasses for your favourite juices and wine.

Keep Phone Out of Your Kitchen

There are lots of people who talk on the kitchen phone and work on the kitchen table. This way they are always around the eatables and this leads to the possibility of them eating more than they really need to. You are likely to eat better if you don’t eat in your kitchen.

Lavender Spray for Your Bed Pillows

As per research studies, natural remedies like lavender go a long way in promoting healthy sleep cycles. This in turn leads to weight loss. People who are sleeping only five hours at night are likely to be 50% more obese that people who take a full eight hours of sleep at night.

Workout Equipment For Home

If you have dumbbells or your yoga mat around, it will keep the mindset of exercising in your mind. While watching TV in the evening, if you keep your dumbbells within reach and within your sight you will be tempted to do a few sets of exercises than if they are hidden somewhere in the closet.

If you have stairs, make the most use of them. Climbing stairs for at least 15 minutes will help you lose around 105 calories. So, no wonder you will burn at least 735 calories per week.

Do Away With Those Large Clothes

Women often have a range of clothes which could be from small to medium to large. If you have large clothes, get rid of them immediately as you are more likely to put on weight.

Now that you know the secret of losing weight right while sitting at home, what are you waiting for! Get your act together and go for it!


3 Alternatives To Kick Your Smoking Habit

We’ve all heard and seen the warnings—smoking kills. Yet despite all the Surgeon General’s warnings and the billboards I pass on a regular basis demanding things like “Los Angeles, Quit Smoking!” it’s harder to actually quit than most people (read: non-smokers) realize. Even when you’ve made the decision to quit, it’s difficult.

Despite the plethora of ways you can try to quit smoking, most attempts are unsuccessful. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, unless you have drugs or other types of help, your chance of success is between 4-7%. Even with that help, most cessation methods’ success rates sit around 20-40%. Below are a few alternative methods that I’ve seen work, either in my own life or in the lives of people I’m close to.

Aversive Smoking

If you’re desperate to stop smoking, one of the best ways to kick your habit is to start thinking negatively about smoking. This is easier than you might think, since it’s more of a change in psychology than anything else. Aversive smoking is done by rapidly smoking 3 cigarettes in 3 minutes. After a short break (1-2 minutes), repeat and continue repeating until you’ve smoked between 12-15 cigarettes. By then you should feel ill and even the thought of smoking another cigarette makes you nauseous. According to a few different studies, the success rate is between 40 -50%.

About ten years ago, I smoked heavily. I’d tried numerous times to quit. Four months into my attempt at quitting cold turkey, I started up again. I was frustrated with myself for failing yet again. A friend of mine told me about aversive smoking, and, willing to try out anything at that point, I went for it. I’ll readily admit I was over-zealous in my attempt, disregarding the suggested breaks. Although I haven’t picked up a cigarette since, I know my success would’ve been the same had I followed the method more precisely. I would suggest that anyone who wants to try out this cessation techniques to abide by the guidelines. You’re risking your health if you don’t.

Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re looking for a way to ease yourself out of smoking, you might want to look at e-cigs. With a success rate of about 31%, they’re one of the best ways to quit without seeking professional help or turning to drugs. There are a few different types of e-cigs too—some with a bit of nicotine, some without—so you have a choice. I haven’t tried electronic cigarettes personally (they weren’t around when I quit), but I have a cousin who used them to break her habit.

She’d been a smoker for almost thirty years (11 years of chain-smoking), and she wasn’t ready to give up nicotine completely. So, she gave up tobacco instead by trying out the electronic cigarettes. After she adjusted to the e-cigs, she cut down her usage, and eventually stopped smoking altogether. She’s been smoke-free for three years.


And lastly, there’s hypnotherapy. This is a relatively new method, and there are multiple types of therapies. Because of this, no official studies have been completed. However, despite the lack of studies, the success rate has been charted somewhere between 50-60%.

The point of hypnotherapy is to change your behavior. When you’re trying to quit smoking, hypnotherapy strengthens your desire to quit, while at the same time tweaking your desire to smoke. My best friend went to a hypnotherapist about a year. He’d been smoking steadily since we were in high school and had tried to quit five times before. He never made it past two or three months before, but he passed his year mark last month.

If you have a desire to quit smoking, you can do it. All you have to do is find the way that works best for you. Maybe it’s one of the alternative methods mentioned above. Regardless of the method you choose to quit smoking, I wish you the best of luck in your new, smoke-free life.

8 of The Best Things You Can Start Doing Today To Become A Healthier You

Everybody wants to become a healthier person. To become a healthier person will require you to make some important lifestyle changes that will lead to good health. Some people don’t have problem making these necessary lifestyle changes, because they know the amazing benefits they’ll be rewarded with when they do. Some of these amazing benefits include:

  • Lower chance of developing cancers and other diseases
  • Better weight
  • Longer life
  • Have a happier life
  • Be more productive

If you want to improve your health check out these 8 great health tips.

Get rid of Fat

If you want to be a healthy person, you have to get rid of fried foods, bacon, ham, ribs, salami, burgers, and other fatty foods. If you like dairy products like milk, cheese, and cream start eating the low fat versions.

Reduce the amount of fatty nuts and condiments like mayonnaise and butter you use. You could also find lower fat versions of foods like butter and mayonnaise that can be used as a replacement.

Decrease Stress

Stress is one of the most important things to reduce in order to become a healthier you. However, limiting stress in your life is very tough since stress comes in so many different forms.

Spending at least thirty minutes of your day to do something positive is one of the best things you can do to reduce stress. Some other things you could do include thinking positive thoughts, counting to 10 before you lose your cool, and staying away from people that are difficult to get along with.

Stop Smoking

This is an obvious one, but one that most people avoid doing. If you’re serious about becoming a healthier person you are going to have to quit smoking. It’s been proven medically that smoking takes years of your life literally.

If you can’t completely quit start trying to reduce how much you smoke. To make it much easier for you to quit smoking it’s a good idea to limit your time around people who have unhealthy habits like smoking.

People who are the healthiest usually have strong relationships with other people who are very healthy. Try to get other family and friends to quit smoking with you and it will help you to stay smoke free for a longer time.

Stay Away From Pollution

Protecting yourself from pollution is very important in order to become a healthier you. Stay away from rooms or homes filled with tobacco smoke, avoid environments that aren’t smog free, avoid high traffic areas that have a lot of fumes in the air.

When you exercise do so indoors so you know the air quality is good. Start planting a good amount of plants and flowers in your yard, as this is a good way to deter pollution and dirt.

Don’t Drink Alcohol Excessively

When you drink alcohol excessively you are more likely to become overweight, age faster, and become more vulnerable to developing health problems like heart disease, live disease, kidney disease, and cancer. Limit yourself to just one or two drinks daily and don’t drink in excess.

Stay Positive

It’s been proven that people who are the healthiest have a positive outlook when it comes to their life. Try to keep smiling and laughing with the people you care about. Try to limit stressful situations and always be cheerful.

Stay Active

Staying active is essential for staying healthy. Do things everyday to help keep yourself healthy such as walking your dog, climbing the stairs, playing with your children, playing sports, mowing the lawn, swimming, or riding a bike.

Do anything you can think of that will keep your limbs and body moving. Staying active is vital as it will reduce stress, make you less likely to develop health problems, and keep your mind in a good state.

Start Off Small

All of this might seem like it’s a little too much for you to tackle. This is the main reason why some people don’t make the necessary adjustments in their lifestyle to become healthier, because they feel like it’s too much to do.

The key is to start off small so you don’t get overwhelmed by everything. Begin with the smallest and most painless changes first and then as time goes on try to add more challenging changes in your daily routine.


Stay Fit and Avoid Injuries With These 6 Healthy Tips

Many people start a new exercise program with commitment and enthusiasm. Eager to see quick results, they dive headfirst into a new routine. Unfortunately, some of them get sidelined with a fitness injury shortly after they start working out. With the right mindset and a few simple precautions, people can stay fit and avoid injuries. Here are six healthy tips to consider.

1. Warm Ups

A pre-workout warm up is an important part of an exercise program. It helps muscles and surrounding tissues get enough blood and nutrients to perform their required exercise tasks. Many people skip this important step and rush headlong into exercise. This shortcut can result in painful muscle tears that can take days to heal. Ten minutes of light running, jumping and other cardio routines is a good way to warm up for exercise. After exercise, a few minutes of low-intensity exercise helps the body cool down.

2. Stretching

Stretching the muscles increases flexibility and gives people a leaner, longer appearance. Improved flexibility allows people to perform better during workouts. It also minimizes the risk of fitness injuries. Proper stretching is essential since bad form can cause painful ligament tears. People can stretch at any time, but stretching is especially important during warm ups and cool downs.

3. Hydration

Exercising without drinking water before or during the workout is like driving a car with an empty gas tank. Without proper hydration, the body will start to shut down. This can cause collateral damage in the form of fitness injuries. How much water is necessary for a workout? According to WebMD, a good rule of thumb is twenty ounces of water an hour before exercise, ten ounces of water fifteen minutes before a workout and another eight ounces every fifteen minutes.

4. Nutrition

Good nutrition is just as important as good hydration. While the body uses fat cells for energy, the muscles need ready access to glycogen during a workout. Without this access, muscles can fail in the middle of activity and experience painful tissue tears. The body needs pre-workout carbohydrates for adequate glycogen stores and post-workout protein to repair muscle damage.

5. Rest

Rest is important for every athlete, from the weekend warrior to the marathon runner. Over-training can cause muscle soreness, intense physical discomfort, exhaustion and injuries. Most people need at least one day off from their workout regime each week.

6. Diligence

Diligence is another way to avoid fitness injuries, especially in health clubs and fitness centers. Many accidents can occur in these settings. From slip-and-fall accidents to overexertion injuries to those involving faulty equipment, safety incidents can sideline athletes and cause permanent damage. Medical malpractice lawyers are available to counsel people in situations like this. They have the skills and expertise to get clients the compensation they deserve.

The body is an amazing machine that is equipped to deal with a number of stressors including physical exercise. Like all machines, it requires maintenance to work properly. Too much of a good thing – even exercise – can lead to negative results. However, with the right balance of hydration, nutrition, stretching and rest, most people can avoid injuries and stay fit and healthy.


How Sports Injury Clinics Can Help With Your Fitness Goals?

Most people underestimate the ability of sports injury clinics mainly because of their small size and because they are normally located in rural and suburban areas. However, the truth is that these clinics are very helpful and very reliable especially to those who have been injured when training.

Therefore, there is no need for you to rush to large hospitals just because of emergencies which can be taken care of at clinics. The clinics are competent and you will get all the help you need.

Most athletes suffer injuries which require them to have physiotherapy on a regular basis which can be quite expensive especially if you visit a big hospital. The best thing about sports injury clinics is the fact that they are cheap meaning most people can afford to maintain regular visits.

If need be, you will be provided with a physical trainee who will help you through the recovery process. The trainees are professionals who know exactly what type of exercise you are required to do in order to get back on your feet. Most of the sports injury clinics are owned by professionals who have years of medical health and craft experience.  Every sports injury hospital has to be evaluated and accredited before it is certified in order to ensure that people are provided with high quality services.

The local clinics will also utilize all the art facilities just like those being used in big hospitals. The medical sector has also ensured that all the medical gadgets and equipment’s are available to all hospitals no matter how big or small they are. The clinics are supported by local governments and thus they are able to acquire all necessary medical facilities and more people are able to gain access to the most recent sophisticated devices which can help put an end to their health issues.

Before any local clinic is opened, it has to be accredited by the independent medical organisations in order to determine if they are ready to operate and provide quality services to their clients.
People who have sports injuries require regular exercise and training and the medical clinics ensure that all the facilities and equipment is available to them to facilitate a quick recovery process.

Usually, the standards imposed are quite high and you can be assured that you will get the same quality services as provided in big hospitals. The main objective of the clinics is not to make profit but provide services and serve the community therefore the prices are very low. The attendants are specially trained to cater for any emergency services. Some of the attendants include nurses as well as ambulance personnel.

With all the benefits provided by the local clinics, you should not have a reason to travel long distances to look for a big hospital.

Five Healthy Habits Your Family Should Start Today

  Everyone wants to be part of a healthy family. Adopting new healthy habits is much easier when everyone in the household is involved. Family members can provide support, advice and encouragement when starting a healthier lifestyle. This makes it harder to develop bad habits like eating fatty foods or becoming sedentary during the day. There are five healthy habits every family should consider starting today.

Get Outside Every Day

Families should start getting outside together every day. Walking around a neighborhood or playing in a park provides essential exercise that maintains a good metabolism and that fights obesity. Getting outside also allows the sun to affect the body. Exposure to sunlight each day is necessary for the body to generate certain vitamins.

Go To Bed at the Same Time

Families should try to get into the habit of going to bed at the same time every night. Parents and children need seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Sleeping allows the body to heal injuries, produce new cells and integrate information in the brain. It is easier to get the right amount of sleep when the entire family follows the same schedule.

Store Cord Tissue for the Future

Families should start to save umbilical cord tissue for any children born in the future. Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells. These stem cells can currently be used to treat diseases like leukemia and common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). They are also important to have for advanced stem cells treatments that could be developed in the future.

Eat As a Family

Families should start the habit of eating together whenever possible. This helps to fight issues like overeating. Family breakfasts, dinners or lunches allow everyone to focus on the food. This causes parents and children to eat less and feel fuller. Eating together also discourages excessive impulse eating between meals and makes portion control easier.

Clean Hands and Surfaces throughout the Day

Families should start the habit of washing hands and wiping down surfaces in the home several times a day. Everyone should wash hands before eating, after coming in from outside and before going to bed. Kitchen surfaces and commonly used tables should be wiped down after heavy use. This kills germs and lowers the chance of parents or children becoming sick.