Losing Weight When You’re Always Hangry

So this is something we all have struggled with, we are desperate to lose weight, even the thought of a diet plan that promises weight loss can brighten up our eyes and make us optimistic about our obese self. Yes, this has happened to everyone of us but for me things were a tad bit different for I wanted to lose weight but was always hungry and angry. I don’t know, what resulted to what; whether my hunger was triggered by my anger or I was angry because I was hungry? All I knew was that the two got on like a house on fire. Every time, I would initiate a doable diet  plan, I would end up breaking the promise, in  just minutes. So I searched the internet for my condition and found help that actually worked. I would like to share some of the tips that worked for my hunger and anger.

Your’s Truly, Fiber.

Yes, fiber is something that plays a key role in weight loss and for good reasons. For people like me this was a life saver; foods rich in fiber tend to make you feel full and take time to be fully chewed and swallowed. Before you’ve even finished your fiber rich food your brain will be tricked to believing that your stomach is full.Although, fiber itself doesn’t burn any fats but this very property to make people feel full before they start stuffing their face with all the calories.  Fruits and vegetables which can be categorized as plant foods, berries and whole grains are all rich in fiber but the power is mainly stored in seeds or skin. Every time I would feel this irresistible urge to eat something, I’d grab an apple and munch on it and I lost 4 pounds in just a week.

Don’t Feed Your Anger:

Yes, I was angry and the only thing that would appease me was sugar and calorie stuffed food; looking into the fridge in hopes of finding cake and ice cream was more like a everyday ritual to me. Then I realized that I was just feeding my anger and it is doing me no good. I found alternatives to these sweet tooth cravings(yes, it wasn’t just a PMS thing) in plain yogurt and fresh fruit, a small portion of dark chocolate, a pretzel once a week, or smoothie if the urge was too strong.

Also, to get my anger under control, my dietitian asked me to stay away from processed foods, while shifting to fermented foods and drinks along with increased percentage of water and leafy greens in my diet. Albeit these changes my mood would still swiftly swing from normal to berserk so I was suggested to meditate and work out. The dietary and lifestyle changes also improved my sleeping cycle. Result? I wasn’t always overthinking or getting angry about one thing or the other.

Quick Tip: If you feel helpless when surrounded with tasty treats then just ask yourself is it really worth it or treat yourself with a bite or two for leaving a box full of cupcakes.

I’d Rather Eat:

I was given alternatives to satisfy the insatiable lust to eat. So every time my huger pangs would get out of control I would choose smoothies, whole wheat pasta with veggies to add flavor, casseroles, salad bowls, popcorn, sunflower seeds, soup, or the best of all–smoothies! This was hard for me, initially, but eventually I was much calmer and yes, not always hungry.

However, if you’re often on the verge of screaming and then eating a big bowl of ice cream then it’s best you consult medical help and find out if there is nothing wrong with your physical or mental state that triggers an emotional outburst and you only find comfort in eating. You should work towards identifying the reason of your problem before experimenting with multiple diet plans. I lost an incredible amount of weight as soon as I took control of things in the right manner and before it was too late.

Author Bio:

Sheerin Jafri is a passionate blogger who loves to write on disciplines such as health care and lifestyle. She is a featured author at various blogs and a staff writer at Centracare.org, a Tampa urgent care provider.

Why More Women Are Having Liposuction Treatment?

Liposuction treatment has truly revolutionized the world of cosmetic surgery. For all those women out there for whom obesity has become a perennial problem, these surgeries brought back an enormous array of hope! Often, obesity can cause serious psychological effects and inferiority complex in women. This is exactly why more women are having liposuction treatment carried out to help them get back in shape.

When Exercising And Dieting Is Just Not Enough!

The reason why many women are going for Liposuction body contouring is essentially due to one key reason; this is the quickest way of getting into shape. This is also the main reason why women are willing to spend money on body contouring treatments as they are confident that this procedure will help them look great and shapely.

If you have been truly overweight for quite some time, it is ideal to lose some weight before undergoing this procedure. However, if you haven’t achieved the desired weight loss results in spite of exercising and dieting, this is an ideal weight loss solution method for you!

What Results Can You Attain From Liposuction?

Most patients are really happy with the outcome of their liposuction treatment. Women in particular are extremely conscious of their body and pay a great deal of attention to the size of clothing they fit into. When your waist size goes down by a couple of sizes it will really boost your confidence.

A perfectly contoured body is a dream come true for many women. Many women face the challenges of excessive body fat getting accumulated in specific areas of the body. These fat deposits refuse to budge regardless of the efforts of strict diets and exercise. Women are especially prone to excess fat build-up on the abdomen, arms, thighs, waist, legs and back. All these body parts are commonly affected by excessive fat build-up. However, the good news is that there is now the option of getting laser liposuction surgery which uses minimally invasive devices.

Top Factors Why Women Must Consider The Liposuction Treatment Procedure:

1. Experts believe that body contouring surgery is ideal for stubborn body fat which does not seem to go away even with a strict diet and exercise routine.

2. Pregnancy, genes, frequent weight fluctuations, aging, heredity or even some type of prior surgery could cause accumulation of stubborn and excess fat under the skin. This is where the liposuction procedure will come in useful.

3. Although there are usually no major restrictions on liposuction surgeries, it does call for skilled hands. Remember, this is known to be incisive and is therefore best performed by a reputed and experienced expert.

Benefits Of Laser Liposuction Treatment Versus Traditional Methods:

1. The laser process is safe since it can be done under a local anaesthesia where the patient remains awake throughout.

2. Since the energy delivery can be controlled, the risk of being over-treated is eliminated.

3. The recovery process with laser treatment is quicker and less painful. Also, there are lesser or no side effects.

Keep in mind it is always best to consult a renowned and efficient plastic surgeon to get the best treatment!


Burn 1,200 calories a session with… Zumba.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the name ‘Zumba’; it’s taken the world by storm and now has loads of different styles even including aqua Zumba. But how many of you know exactly what it is and how good it is for you? My guess… not many.

Zumba is so much fun and many people actually forget they’re at a dance fitness class. You walk in there and it automatically feels like you’re in a club boogying with your girlfriends. This being said then, you would be forgiven for thinking a class this fun wouldn’t have a great impact on your fitness levels. You would, however, be wrong. This high-energy routine sees you bouncing about, swinging your arms and doing lots of wiggling.

These may sound like typical moves but in a Zumba class, they are over emphasised and done at a fast energetic pace. If you’re now worried about the fast pace, don’t. The moves are straightforward and the speed will only increase your weight loss. How fast do you want to lose weight… well that is how fast you dance! For the more keen and active Zumba peeps out there, you could lose up to 1,200 calories from a typical hour and half session.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the pace, don’t worry either, because you could still lose about 600 calories a session anyway. Like I said Zumba sees dramatic results quickly, which is great if you need a flatter stomach for a wedding or party. I would rather do something fun like this than those crazy juice diets people are doing these days.

Why not keep doing what I’m doing to lose weight? Why do a Zumba dance class?

Well maybe you need to ask yourself how well is your current weight loss program doing. If you’re on this site you probably need more motivation and more results. A Zumba dance class has some obvious health effects. It makes you more agile, reduces cholesterol, increases your energy levels, reduces heart disease, improves stamina and makes you feel better about yourself overall.

One of the issues that anybody who is trying to lose weight faces is a lack of motivation. Going it alone normally ends in failure. However Zumba and dance classes alike are known for their social element. Fun classes lead to meeting new people and working out with other people to upbeat music is half of the journey to success. You encourage each other to reach your goals but in a positive environment. Boot camp is also a great way to lose weight fast but who wants to be yelled at to do really difficult exercises? Not me, which is why when I need to lose weight fast, I go to Zumba.


Stop those excuses and lose weight

One of the most common excuses for not losing weight is that you simply do not have the time. Well, isn’t this a poor excuse, especially with the numerous health problems; such as diabetes and heart disease, associated with excess weight?

With these following tips you wont be able to make that excuse any longer:

Weekends are great for weight loss

Rather than spending your weekend crashed out in front of the TV, actually get up off your bum and do some exercise.

Stop those diet excusesYou don’t even have to go to the gym if you want as this is the perfect opportunity to go for a fun day out with family or friends.

Try to stay motivated

If you have a busy work life where you often have to bring your work home it can be easy to forget about your workout routine.

If you can keep motivated, then you are more likely to achieve your weight loss goals. Even do a few minutes here and there is better than nothing at all.

Try to get others involved

If you are trying to lose weight, it can feel daunting and lonely especially if you are doing it alone.

Family or friends are important for any weight loss journey. Whether they are working out with you or simply giving encouragement, it can go a long way to ensuring that you do not end up quitting.

Weight loss should be a high priority

Even if you are busy you should make the time to eat a healthy meal or exercise.

Your health is important so if you are overweight you are putting your own health at risk. Shouldn’t that be one of the most important things in your life?

Help those around you understand your plans

By telling your family, friends and even your boss that you are currently aiming to lose weight you will not only receive encouragement but in the case of your boss, a little extra help in the form of them delegating tasks to your work colleagues.

Now even if you are busy, with these easy to follow tips you can no longer say that you don’t have time to lose weight.

Make sure to eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat, then get regular exercise and you will soon start seeing results.

Just remember your health is important so take those steps to ensure you live a long and healthy life.

A Few Exercising Types That Supports Weight Loss

Reducing weight is the primary concern of people of all ages. Our society is running fast and compelling us to be frantic to deal with our duties. We are losing interest in performing exercises due to this busy life style. But weight loss is a necessary requirement for many, especially women. Women are prone to diseases and weakness due to their fragile bone structure and slow improvement of muscle growth. Plus, women tend to gain extra fat after pregnancy. So, health experts believe that fitness training is necessary for every modern woman.

However, one cannot find the best exercising pattern on their own and get the job done without any professional guidance. The problem lies in our own inefficiency in understanding our body functions. So, experts of personal training sessions suggest asking help from professionals to lose weight without any hiccups.

So, we are going to talk about exercising techniques that women can include in their daily routines for improved fitness and weight loss.


Cardio exercises are designed to improve heart beat rate. It helps to maintain the flow of blood in body and keeps our blood pressure in check. These types of exercises generally do not require any equipment. Therefore, women can practice them without spending a penny. Jogging, running, stair climbing, cycling, swimming are few of the most popular cardio exercises that can improve health and promote fitness.

When our heart is healthy, our hormonal secretion stays normal. It also affects our metabolism in a positive way, thus improving appetite for healthy foods.


These types of exercises are generally developed in Asian countries. Asians found a way to connect with the nature without any side effects. When these exercises were proven to be helpful, people all over the world started to learn it for their own benefit. It is another efficient exercise that saves money and promotes inner health.

Breathing is the most important part of staying alive. Without breath, we would be dead. It gives us energy by inducing fresh oxygen with our blood cells. Breathing in a precise manner can help women to control their emotional and physical abilities.

Strength Training

Strength training is more of a muscle building exercise type rather than improving fitness. But, it is important because, without well built muscles you would not have strength to perform well in every aspect of life. Most of us believe that having improved muscles slows us down and affects our agility. But it is not true at all. Strength training can offer you muscle mass without changing any of your features such as flexibility, agility, etc.

This type of exercise requires equipment, but they are not expensive. And you can even join gyms or personal training studios to use these tools without buying them.

These three exercising types are the best ways to reduce fat tissues from body. Of course, there are other ways to shed a few pounds, but if you are seeking an inexpensive way to get the job done, combining these three exercising types would be the best way for weight loss.

Birth Control and Weight Loss

birth control weight loss   Losing weight is like challenging your own body. While using birth control pills and contraceptives (devices to prevent pregnancy), the task for losing weight becomes even more difficult. Taking birth control pills can cause many problems for a woman desiring to lose weight. Taking such pills can stop the woman’s ability to gain the muscle strength.

What woman actually gain after taking these contraceptives is known as water weight and losing this sort of sudden weight gain is not very difficult, especially when done with a recommendation by a doctor.  Modifying one’s diet and schedule is necessary to lose weight especially if the weight is increased after taking contraceptives.

Decreasing the salt intake in food is basically the first step that can help in losing the water weight easily from one’s body. Reducing the intake of oily food and soups and those snacks in the diet will help in reduction of weight. Birth control pills cause changes in the hormonal levels in the body and can lead to weight gain that occurs all of a sudden. You can lose weight in a faster manner if you take the pills by the advice of a health care provider. Exercising regularly is a great, easy way to remain physically fit.

Increasing your water intake and decreasing or stopping the caffeine and alcohol consumption will help you to lose weight which you have gained all of a sudden by having birth control pills everyday. So, be patient for as you’ve gained weight in just one month but actually it may take a few months to achieve the task!!

Successful Weight Loss Programs for Women

weight loss women     Successful weight loss programs for women are the ones which features the support and encouragement from other members of the group, all working towards losing their weight. As a woman gets older, she starts experiencing many health problems and the risk of suffering from many diseases like higher cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc.

It becomes difficult for women to make a diet program for weight loss successfully. To search for best weight loss program, you can refer to many guides, magazines, online books and search for many useful information on how to lose
weight online. However, one of the best methods known from various studies is adhering to natural and balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Obesity is known as one of the main causes towards gaining of weight and many other health problems. No matter how difficult you regard a weight loss program, it can still be fun and enjoyable for women if they experience it with right attitude. Their attitude towards weight loss program describes their attitude towards life. Those who find themselves on the losing side and end up gaining more weight instead of losing it are the ones who are resistant to change.

The next important thing to successful weight loss program for women is the support they need from family and friends that can go a long way in successful working of weight loss program. Maintain a journal of progress and watch for the areas where you need improvement. Women are specifically known to be the ones eating on the go and end up consuming more calories than men. Keeping a record of what you are eating will make them conscious of their unhealthy life and you will start working towards it.

The more a woman will knows about herself, her life style and daily diet, the more she will be keen on working towards fixing it. Working with a weight loss program can certainly help if women have the support of their friends and family.