Dealing With Excess Weight Problems

Excess weight or obesity is one of the most common heath risks that the modern day man is facing. What is more worrying is that this problem is increasing day by day, forcing sufferers to spend a significant portion of their hard-earned money on curing this heath hazard. To deal with the problem, one must try to determine why one puts on weight so easily.

Excess weight may be due to heredity, environmental factors, medical causes or poor lifestyle.

Various studies have shown that genes play a vital role in determining fats in someone’s body. The heritability of fat mass and fat percentage in a body is estimated at nearly 50 per cent. It this case, the sufferer can blame his/her parents for the problem, but there are many other factors other than heredity that also add to the problem.

Many people whose parent are thin and lean put on excess weigh after under going some medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism – low levels of the thyroid hormone that lead to a lower metabolic rate; and Cushing’s disease – which occurs when the adrenal glands overproduce corticosteroid, stimulating the dumping of excess fats in the body.

Genetic disorders like that of Bardet-BeidI, Prader-Willi, Cohen and Alstrom syndromes are also responsible for the deposition of excess fats in the body. The consumption of certain drugs like that of antipsychotics, glucocorticosteroids and oral contraceptives can also add to the problem.

Collectively, medical conditions and consumption of certain drugs account for around 5 per cent of obesity cases.

Poor lifestyle such as waking up late in the morning, eating junk food, alcoholic drinks and cold drinks are also to blame for the soaring problem of obesity. With fancy restaurants, home-delivery services, super food courts, fast-food stores, take-away vents, round-the-clock convenience stores and mobile food vans, food has become extremely accessible and people find no reason to perform any physical exercise to collect and prepare food. Moreover, junk foods like burgers, hot dogs and pizzas contain high levels of fats. Therefore, people who wish to shed excess weight and have a thin, agile and energetic body must avoid junk foods and switch to green, leafy vegetables and fresh\ fruit juices.

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