Fasting as a Weight Losing Technique

fasting and weight loss       From experiences of many people, fasting does not work to a desired level as a weight loss technique. When we start to starve ourselves, our bodies start to think of saving themselves from starvation. So they start to retain fat instead of losing it. To keep the metabolism working, we should eat and drink throughout the day.

Fasting alone doesn’t work as weight loss technique. Instead, it should be incorporated into other weight loss programs. The concept of fasting developed as a part of prayer rituals and cleansing opportunities. Fasting was never aimed at losing weight.

Fasting or starving ourselves can lead to extreme weight loss which will be accompanied by health problems like kidney stones, heart weaknesses, malnutrition and some times even death. Fasting should not be looked upon as an only available option for losing weight; instead it should be incorporated with supplemental calorific diet plans.

Fasting is generally not advisable for weight loss, but those who prefer it as a healthy option must consider other options as well. However, you can choose any dietary strategy in order to lose excess weight, but it is strongly recommended not to use fasting as weight loss technique. Once you have lost enough weight due to fasting, you will start to eat again and this will put all the lost weight back.

Before finalizing on one diet plan, consider other options as well. You can search for them over the internet. Analyse them if they will really work for you. You can eliminate those options which sound you as inappropriate methods.

You can always find better and effective weight loss methods over fasting. Be it a juice diet plan, or adhering to regular exercise with protein supplements, there are so many methods which you can try over fasting to curb your extra fat.

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