Five Healthy Snacks To Make When You Get Hungry

Good news for everyone: It is finally time to put away your winter clothes. The big, wool coat, the mittens, the scarves, all of them can be put into storage. Instead, break out the sandals and the sunglasses because spring is finally here. For a lot of people, the warm weather signals beach season, and for many of those people, that causes some anxiety. The thought of being on the beach, in a bathing suit, in front of lots of people – not everyone looks forward to that occasion. But the good news is that there is plenty of time to get yourself into better shape so that you can feel great about your body. One of the hardest habits to curb is snacking. But there is more good news: you can snack and still lose weight! Below are five healthy snacks to make when you get hungry – that are guilt free and delicious!

Snack #1 – Ants On A Log

An old favorite of many children, ants on a log is a delicious, easy to make, and inexpensive snack. Simply clean and trim some celery stalks, and then, using a knife, fill them with a nut butter. Now take out some raisins and line them down the center of the peanut butter. Ta da! Ants on a log. Delicious, but also very healthy and the peanut butter is high in protein so it will keep you feeling full for much longer than a bag of chips!

Snack #2 – Vegetables and Hummus

Like peanut butter, hummus is high in protein and so it’s the kind of snack that will keep you feeling full. There are a number of different varieties on the market, so find your favorite. Now slice up some vegetables and enjoy them together. Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and cherry tomatoes are all great options!

Snack #3 – Roasted Chickpeas

Everyone loves roasted chickpeas! Eat them as a snack or make them the entrée to your dinner! Simply sauté some garlic in a frying pan with some oil. Add a drained can of beans and sprinkle with salt to taste. You only need to sauté them for a minute, then transfer the chickpeas into an oven safe container and roast at 425 degrees for twenty minutes. Shake them a little about halfway through the roasting.

Snack #4 – Kale Chips

If you love potato chips but don’t want the calories – and who does? – but love their salty crispiness, try making some kale chips. They also make a great appetizer. Simply buy some farmers market kale and slice out the spines of the leaves, so that every leaf becomes two leaves, spray them with some olive oil, add salt, and roast until crispy.

Snack #5 – Fried Bananas

If you are craving something sweet, but you want to avoid the sugary candy and desserts you usually eat, try making some delicious fried bananas. Slice the bananas and sprinkle them with just a little bit of sugar and cinnamon. Then fry them with just a hint of sunflower oil until they are browned on both sides. Delicious, healthy, and always a crowd pleaser!


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