Given Up Smoking, Now Start Living

Those who could succeed in quitting smoking have really succeeded in protecting them from the most dangerous tobacco. Now they can be rest assured that there is no easy way for cancer to attack them and that their body is not subjected to any related health hazards. They are no more vulnerable to a cardiac arrest. Those who could come out of the smoking zone at an early age can look forward to a bright future. Since they are completely out of grave dangers like lung cancer, they can make their thoughts and activities more constructive.

As the first step they may consult a doctor and have a thorough check up to confirm that years of smoking had not caused any serious impact on the lungs. Cigarettes contain carcinogens that cause lung cancer. It may take few more years after quitting smoking for the symptoms to appear. Hence, it is all the more necessary for the ex-smokers to undergo a thorough investigation to confirm that they are no more at risk.

Get rid of the toxins

As a result of smoking for years the walls of the lungs get deposited in thick layers of tar. Those deposits of tar are to be washed out of the lungs. The process is known as detoxification. Detoxification is easy by adhering to a suitable diet program. Those who were smokers in the past must eat daily good quantities of fruits like cherries, oranges, berries, grapefruits and kiwis. The fruits will provide the required quantity of Vitamin C to the body which was not available all these years due to smoking.

Vegetables such as broccoli, sprouts, carrot and sweet potatoes etc. are good to protect the lungs from various diseases and strengthen the walls of the lungs. They must drink minimum 20 glasses of water daily in order to flush out the toxins from their lungs. Antioxidants are very essential to protect the lungs from the toxins. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of antioxidants.

Regular exercises

Regular physical exercises are quite necessary to lower BP and make the muscles strong as well as flexible. They can increase the time of exercises gradually. Walking for some time, inhaling fresh air or cycling for a small distance is sufficient in the initial stage. Gradually they can make the exercises more brisk and also can increase the duration. Physical exercises assure them to improve their health very fast.

After performing simple exercises for a few days they can switch over to a fitness program. The exercises in the gym help them to reduce their weight as well as strengthen their muscles. Fitness programs can be carried out either at home or at the gym. In any case, they must do the exercises for 5 days in a week. It is also an effective measure to weight loss.

Those who have problems such as knee pain, back ache etc. can practice simple exercises like slow walking, cycling and swimming etc.

Those who perform the walking exercise may gradually increase the time. When they are able to walk briskly for 40 minutes, they can start doing jogging also. Those who perform cycling can gradually increase the time as well as speed of pedaling.

Protection of the lungs

The lungs of a person are the worst affected parts of the body as a result of years of smoking. Hence, for those who quit smoking, it is all the more important to adopt various precautions in order to protect their lungs from further hazards. They may spend some time daily in a park or on a beach to inhale fresh air. Aerobic exercises are also good for strengthening the lungs. Another proven method for protecting their lungs is to perform yoga regularly.

It is advisable to avoid food items that cause production of excess mucus. Those who have given up smoking must avoid ice cream, cheese and dairy products in their diet.

In order to cure sinus and various infections and to get rid of fungus and bacteria etc periodic application of a nasal wash is recommended. In order to protect their lungs they may keep away from air filters and wear a mask when they go to places where chemicals are stored. They should not inhale air polluted with dust particles, smoke and hazardous gases.

Cleansing the lungs is the most important task for those who want to get back in shape after quitting smoking. They should not get exposed to any kind of air pollution. Just by taking proper care the lungs can be made to perform self-cleaning. Various natural remedies are also available for cleansing of their lungs.


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