Top 3 Weight Loss Supplements for Men

weight loss supplement Obesity and visceral fat are big challenges for men who are looking to shed their excess flab. Many men attempt to jog, swim, work out, join those high-intensity programs, and do interval training during their first few weeks, and as they are quite enthusiastic to begin with, they lose a few pounds. Then slowly when it comes to a halt, and they still find those layers of fat clinging to their belly and hip, they start wondering how to shed the flab. Despite their workouts and dieting, nothing seems to produce the desired results or even if they do, the results are very slow.

If you too are facing the same problems, it’s time to quit your worries as there is a solution. Weight loss supplements have been in the market for quite some years now, and the fitness industry has been successfully utilizing these supplements to help individuals get rid of their fat layers and build that perfect body. You too can benefit from the same

How do weight loss supplements work?

Weight loss supplements use various natural ingredients like green coffee bean extract, carnitine, raspberry ketone, Oleuropein Aglycone, red pepper extracts, and other ingredients in clinically proved combinations to offer notable results. These products are available in various flavors too.

These supplements work in different ways, which include:

  •  Appetite Suppressants: Some of the popular weight loss supplements have ingredients that work in your brain center to bring down your craving to eat. They delay the hunger pangs to a great extent, which prevents you from eating frequently. These supplements, when combined with a good exercise program, will greatly contribute to your quick weight loss regimen. Since your food intake is reduced, as you workout, the stored fat in your body starts to burn out due to increased metabolism caused by these supplements and your workouts
  •  Increased Calorie Burners: Few of the weight loss supplements work on the rate at which your body burns calories. They also boost your body’s metabolism, thereby increasing the rate of fat loss.
  •  Fat Blockers: Such supplements help your body to bring down the quantity of dietary fat being absorbed by your body. They eliminate the fat deposits around your system. Be sure to consult your physician before you start taking such supplements.
  •  Energy Expenditure: There are other types of weight loss supplements that increase your energy expenditure by increasing your body’s temperature as well as metabolism. Such supplements, when combined with nutritional diet and good exercise, cause notable weight loss.
  •  Thermogenic Fat Burners: These are type of supplements that have ingredients with potential fat burners. They work on the stubborn fat deposits or adipose cells as well as the visceral fat around your abdomen and internal organs.
  •  Stimulant Free Burners: Ephedra and caffeine are the most common stimulants found in most supplements. Ephedra is not approved in many countries and is considered illegal. However, some of the stimulants found in certain supplements can create a sense of euphoria, as they influence the CNS or Central Nervous System.
  •  Cortisol Blockers: Cortisol is a type of hormone that is released by the adrenal glands. Often called the stress hormone, it is responsible for increasing your appetite and encouraging storage of excess fat. Whenever you are under stress, the level of cortisol production increases, which in turn makes you feel hungry. So, the weight loss supplements block such cortisol production in your body to decrease your appetite and fat storage.

Top 3 Weight Loss Supplements:

While there are hundreds of brands and types of weight loss supplements, the top 3 are as follows:

1. Ripped Freak: This is termed as the world’s first Hybrid Fat Burner that has 3 fat burning formulas combined into one supplement. It contains extract from the Olive leaves called OA or Oleuropein Aglycone, which increase epinephrine, norepinephrine as well as UCP or uncoupling levels. It also contains another ingredient called Red Pepper Extract called CH-19, which contributes towards your energy expenditure and weight loss during workout as well as during rest. Just one capsule of this enhances the fat burning rate and maximizes your energy, intensity, and strength.

2. Ripped Freak Diuretic: This is one of the best natural diuretic supplements ever found. It uses a clinically approved formula based on human studies. This is one of the best weight loss supplements that increase water loss up to 19.8% in just 24 hours. It boasts of an anti-cramping complex, and detox formula. It has standardized herbs to supply all active chemicals that are responsible to induce detoxification and water loss. It also offers the right dose of magnesium that prevents cramping of muscles and encourages proper functioning of muscles through water shedding.

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract: This is a popular and natural weight loss supplement that offers overall health benefits including weight loss. This contains an essential ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which offers various benefits like:

  •  Energy boost
  •  Increased Mental focus and Alertness
  •  Anti oxidant
  •  Eradication of free radicals to make you feel younger
  •  Muscle recovery
  •  High performance

Since some of the weight loss supplements increase your mental alertness and work on your cognitive functions, you must take these only under the supervision of a certified health practitioner.