Six Exercises for Toning After Weight Loss

   Few things in the world are as satisfying as setting a weight goal, sticking to a stick routine, and then losing weight over a period of time, but there is often one more step when it comes to creating the perfect body. After shedding all those pounds, many health enthusiasts will notice that they are not as toned as they would like to be, but here are six amazing exercises that can be used to tone muscles and craft the perfect body.

1. Leg Raises

One of the most problematic areas when it comes to is the lower abs. While there are a number of popular exercises for abs, lying flat on one’s back and raising both legs into the area without bending the knees will focus all of the energy on the lower abs.

2. The Plank

Often used in yoga, pilates, and a number of other forms of exercise, planks are one of the most effective movements. Planks are a stationary exercise in which the individual will put themselves in the upwards position of a push up, holding themselves up for as long as possible.

3. Dips

Another problematic area is the back of the arms, or triceps. After losing weight, skin will often sag on the backside of one’s arms, but there are a number of great exercises to tone this area. This includes dips in which the core is held tight and the individual hangs off the chair, lowering themselves to the ground by bending their arms and gripping the edge of the seat.

4. Wood Chopper

One of the most grueling but effective toning exercises is the wood chopper. With a dumbbell or workout band, the person will chop in a diagonal motion with their arms held out from above their shoulders to below their knees.

 5. Side Plank

Much like the traditional plank, the side plank targets an exceptionally difficult area to tone, and that is the obliques. When in the upwards push up position, the individual will take one arm off the ground and raise it towards the sky with their core tight and their obliques flexed.

6. Superman

In order to target the lower back, shoulders, butt, and legs, few exercises are as effective as Superman. Lying flat on the floor face down, the person raises their arms and legs to the sky as far as possible, tightening all the muscles from their calves to their shoulders and holding the position.