Why You Will Fail If You Diet?

You should not deny yourself the foods you love when you are trying to lose weight. But this does not mean that you should go all out and eat as much as you want. I once watched a show where they had a lady who was celebrating her 104th birthday and the interviewer asked her how she was able to live for so long (she was smoking a cigarette!) and she said “Everything in moderation”. The interviewer went on to ask her if she watched what she ate, if she drank alcohol etc. and she said yes, she did all that but never to excess.

So I suppose that is what I am telling you, eat what you like but never to excess. You also need to look at your health, if there is a medical reason for you to avoid certain foods then do so. It’s not all about losing weight, it’s also about making sure you are physically healthy. I was told I had high cholesterol, well my triglycerides were high but my hdl and ldl were fine. There is a lot of technical language they use on how they figure this, but all I needed to know is that I had to change my diet to get it lowered or they would have to put me on medication. So it was changed and it worked! Boiled, broiled, grilled and baked foods, avoid fried foods and of course the fewer processed foods, the better.

Yes, I do still have some fried food now and then but not nearly what I use to, I use butter on rare occasions, and yes I still have dessert when I want to. I know I could not live happily if I were to deny myself some of my favorite foods all the time, but I also know I want to be around for a very long time, hopefully to see my grandkids graduate one day!

So if you think about the last 2 things I have told you and you combine them do you think you could lose weight? I am guessing the answer is yes. You can’t move forward if you remain still, you can’t lose weight if you continue eating the way you are and not moving or changing anything. It’s like the old joke about the guy who prays daily to win the lottery and never wins and God tells him he can’t win if he doesn’t buy a ticket. Hoping, wishing and praying won’t help you lose weight, you have to DO something, make a change in your life in order to move forward.

If you drink soda, stop. Just that one thing will help you lose some weight, you might not lose it real quick and you might not see it right away but it will work! Imagine all the little calories you consume during the day. Look at the label on your soda, how many servings is it, and how many calories per serving…that can add up very quickly! So do yourself a favor and try to quit drinking soda if at all possible or check the label of whatever it is you do drink on a daily basis. Instead you may try using water as a weight loss technique.


Toning Thighs and Buttocks With Exercises

Is your desk-bound job making you heavier around the waist and thighs? Are you trying hard to lose fat from this part of the body but without much help? This article will definitely help you. The following exercises are recommended by fitness trainers in Sydney CBD for their clients and these exercises are very effective.

Chair Squat

You just need a stable chair for performing this exercise. First, stand in front of the chair by keeping the chair behind your back. Your shoulders should be rolled back and feet should be shoulder-width apart. Now lower your bottom to the chair. You must not sit on it. As soon as the buttocks touch the seat, you must rise up. Repeat this movement for 15-20 times.

One-Legged Squat

For performing this exercise you must stand next to a stable structure, preferably a pole. Hold the pole with left hand and raise the right leg. Keep the raised leg straight. Now, bend at your hips and the left knee must be lowered. You must make sure that your back is not bent while performing this move. Return to your standing position and repeat the exercise for 15-20 times. After performing it for 15-20 times with left leg you must switch sides and again perform it for the same number of times with the other leg.

Standard Squat

You must stand with the chest facing forward and shoulders rolled back. Your feet should be wide apart. Now swing back your hips, sticking your buttocks out. Slightly lower the bottom towards the ground. Perform the moves for 12-20 times.

Simple Side Squat

You can make this exercise more intense by holding weights in hand. Stand erect keeping your feet together. Now step to a side with the right leg and squat downwards. Stand up in slow and swift motion and bring the left leg to meet the right one. Perform this exercise in this direction for 10 times and another set of 10 in the opposite direction.

Goddess Squat

Position yourself with the legs wide apart. The toes of both feet must be pointing out in each side. Now, bend the knees and make the thighs parallel to ground. To make the exercise more challenging, jump up in air keeping the legs wide apart. Perform the move for 15-20 times. If you have any joint problem, you must not perform the last move of jumping in air.

Sumo Squat

This exercise will make your buttocks really firm. With the toes pointing forward stand with the legs apart from each other. Now, swing your hips gaining the posture of standard squat. Return to your standing position with the right leg kicking straight in front of you. Now, return to the squat position (standard) and perform the same moves with the left leg. Perform the exercise with alternating legs till you have done it for 20 times.