The Health Benefits of Dance

Dancing is more than just physical freedom and expression, more than just a lot of fun, it is very healthy for complete exercise of body. It brings many beneficial health advantages and impacts positively on our body and mind.

Dance is an artistic expression of the body that manifests the feelings we have in our hearts. It’s the absolute way to physically express our emotions and brings strength and relief to a stressed mind, distressed heart and weary body.

It’s also not age-specific. Have you ever seen a little child dance? Yes, of course you have. Children dance almost instinctively. Adults do it for mainly for different reasons. And old folk remember what it was like to be young when they partake.

As an activity that promotes health and well-being there are many facets of dancing which are beneficial:


This is a natural consequence of learning and practicing dance. All sessions should start with a warm up which includes stretching exercises. It is necessary to condition the muscle of your body since most routines involve extending, flexing, and twisting of body parts.

Strength and Raw Power

Dancing helps build strength, and at the same time to build resistance. In many styles, such as jazz and ballet, raw power is necessary to execute smooth jumps and leaps into the air. Lifting one’s self against the force of gravity while keeping the correct posture and stance, requires tremendous strength.

Being strong is not only necessary for your own development, but also when dancing with a partner. Especially for male performers, being able to lift a fellow dancer is essential.


Stamina is naturally developed when we dance regularly. This, simply put, is the ability of the muscles to work in a sustained force for a specified period without becoming exhausted. Dancing helps build good endurance especially when doing dynamic forms of dance such as jazz and ballroom. It helps increase stamina because the movements are being performed over a certain period of time with a sustained level of force.

Once you can put 100% into a performance lasting 40 minutes, you are fit as a fiddle. That is what art of dancing can bring to you. It’s benefit includes not just looking good, but also a fit body and the ability to focus your mind . There is little that can compare to the physical and mental determination necessary to become a world class dancer.