An Easy Road Map To Losing Weight The Healthy Way

As much as everyone of us wants to achieve the ideal weight, same does everyone wish to avoid the menace of obesity. With the awareness increasing, people have now started taking their weight seriously and want to be in a healthy weight region so that the diseases associated with obesity do not catch them.

In order to lose weight, one requires commitment and dedication. Both these elements are extremely necessary if you wish to lose weight, or else you will quit. The intensity of both these factors depends upon the road map to weight loss. If you have an easy road to weight loss, then you will require little commitment and dedication, however, if you chose a hard road, the more will you require these factors. The lines below give the road map to success in weight loss.

1. Balance Diet:

The first thing required for a healthy weight loss is to provide a balanced nutrition to your body. You diet plan must contain diversity in nutrients so that all the nutritional requirements of your body are fulfilled. The major nutrients you should consider making a part of your daily diet include, calcium, vitamins, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. All these when taken in the right and moderate quantity lead to weight loss.

2. Protein And Healthy Fat:

Protein sources such as fish, broccoli, egg and meat are good for fat loss. Protein help build muscles which makes the body burn fat. On the other hand, consuming healthy fats like in olive oil have also been found to help lose weight.

3. Carbohydrates:

The general practice for weight loss is to avoid carbohydrates at all. This practice is wrong. Although excessive carbs consumption can lead to gaining weight, however, as they are a source of energy you need to provide a little amount of carbs to your body so that there remains an energy balance. Therefore, limit your carb consumption but don’t avoid there consumption totally.

4. Avoid Fast Food:

Alcohol, carbonated drinks and fast food come excessive calories with no or very little nutritional value. Instead of helping you lose weight these foods are the real culprits of you being overweight at the first place. Therefore, avoid fast foods if you wish to lose weight.

5. Water:

Drinking plenty of water also helps you lose weight. The more you drink water, the more your internal system stays clean and the metabolism keeps on working properly, thus ultimately resulting in calorie and fat burn. Therefore, drink as much water as you can.

6. Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables are an excellent aid to weight loss. These vegetables are usually rich in fiber, which in addition to reducing the bad cholesterol, also helps in feeling you full for longer, thus your overall calorie intake for the day reduces.

7. Nuts:

Most of the health experts recommend the habit of snacking for weight loss. Nuts come as the best snacking option in this regard. The protein and fiber found in nuts helps you keep full for longer therefore, the actual purpose of snack of keeping you full for longer is best served by consuming nuts.


In short, weight loss is not about starvation, rather its about consuming the healthy and natural energy drinks and foods so that you keep your body healthy in addition to keeping your metabolism at an optimal state where it burns calories the most.