Why A Plant-Based Diet May Be Right For You

There are an endless amount of weight loss products, diets and programs available these days. But knowing which is going to be the best fit for your specific needs is becoming increasingly difficult. And considering that obesity rates are rising in America, it is more important than ever to find the healthiest way to lose weight while supplying your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it is craving.

If you pay any attention to mainstream media, you have likely heard the term plant-based diet. A plant-based diet is very simple in nature, and is the healthiest way you can lose weight, be healthier and feel wonderful in your skin. The reason that plant-based diets offer many people so much better results than the typical “low-fat” type diets is because a diet based on eating plant foods is what your body is looking for.

The human body is very complex, but at the same time quite simple. It requires nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Most of the typical foods that you can buy in the grocery store have been processed to the point to where those vital nutrients are missing. Meat and dairy products may provide your body’s essential needs such as protein and calcium, but they are certainly not the only source for these.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors may have fallen on hard times in regards to finding adequate food. During these times of famine, the human body had to learn to adapt during these lean times. By storing fat for longer periods of time, this allowed people without as much access to fresh food to use the energy in their fat cells to perform daily tasks, such as hunting for more food.

When you eat a diet that is devoid of essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to function and be healthy, it has no choice except to store fat for these “lean” times. It is no secret that in our current society, food is abundant for most people. So how could our body be preparing for famine if there is so much food?


On a nutritional level, we are starving! The human body is not looking for mere food that fills a void in our stomach. What our body is craving are the types of foods that feed us at the cellular level, not at the gut level. Eating processed food, meat, dairy or other animal products simply does not generate cellular growth within us. This is where a plant-based diet comes in.

 What Kind of Results Can I See Eating A Plant Based Diet?

One thing that is most important to remember is that eating a plant based diet is not a diet in the sense that you normally see the word used. A typical diet will have you counting calories, measuring fat grams, and being generally unhappy about how and what you eat. When you eat a plant based diet, you no longer need to worry about any of this.

When you eat fresh, wholesome foods that are naturally occurring in nature, there is no need to count and measure any of these things because they simply will not be a factor. It is not possible to overeat on a plant-based diet, and caloric intake means much less when you eat in this manner.

But once your body gets accustomed to the nutrition that you will be supplying it in the forms of fruit and vegetable foods, it will start to do something amazing – it will start dropping that stored fat! Your body will very simply realize that it is getting exactly what it needs, so there is no longer any need for stored fat for those lean times that it thought it was having before.

And when that happens, the weight comes off reasonably fast for most people. When I switched to a plant based diet, I consistently lost more than 5 pounds per week, and the weight will never come back. That is the other really important thing to remember about eating a plant based diet as part of your everyday life, and not just the latest fad in the diet industry.

As you eat, your body will use up the vitamins and nutrients that it requires and that is it. There are not any chemicals and added sugars that will need to be processed and stored as fat, so it literally becomes a non-issue. Very simply put, you will see amazing results if you start eating a plant based diet! Now that does not mean you can eat whatever types of foods that you want as long as they are not animal products.

Sugar, refined salt, various chemicals and bleached flours and breads are not going to promote weight loss if you continue to eat them. Eating in this manner is a way of life, and not the latest fad that can deliver quick and easy results. The object of a plant-based diet is to be healthier and more fit, not to lose “5 pounds before summer”. When you adopt this philosophy and lifestyle, your weight loss will take care of itself very easily.

I hope you try eating a plant based diet so that you can see all of the wonderful benefits that it has for your body. Not only in weight loss, but in your overall health and well-being.