Post50’s Yoga Benefits

Definitely yoga requires agility and flexibility to perform and is not everyone’s cup of tea. More than that indulging in any kind of physical activity involves interest, determination and the will power to accomplish something pushing yourself to your utmost capacity. If we talk about senior people at your home how often you have seen them ailing in pain or complaining about small health issues like headaches, back pain and the like. Multiple chronic conditions often develop when these everyday symptoms are not taken care of are you can say are a natural part of aging. Sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, arthritis, Alzheimer and various other diseases creep into old age before us realizing. So why not get your elderly parents and grandparents into healthy habits along with yourself that will improve your overall quality of life. Taking out a minute chunk of your day to concentrate on your breathing or practicing other exercises can be a great opening to a healthier life for the elderly.

Embracing the Yoga perspective

With the natural aging process, physical health inevitably leads to physical deterioration and eventually affects the social and spiritual aspects of an aging body. Yoga is believed to be a general and effective remedy for restricted mobility which can be loosened through light yoga exercises with the help of personal care and assistance services. Stiffness of the joints and general weakness in the muscles which makes an elderly person become bound to his bed or chair can be a great nuisance so why not start relieving it from home. Reduce your susceptibility to bone fractures by making yoga a must practice in your life. Other inner bodily functions like blood circulation problems, digestive issues and diabetes can also be improved and prevented from worsening with adopting yoga.

On a mental level

When old age dawns on you, which is when you need the most clarity of thoughts and an unbiased sense of judgment that will help you steer through your final years with grace and comfort. Your memory may fail you at the most crucial of times leaving you feel abandoned in a sea of emotions, that is when you seem to understand the benefits of yoga as it pulls you out of the helpless abyss of impending emotions and helps you gain mental stability and calmness and peace of mind. Your concentration span may also improve and you will be able to exercise logic and reason as and when needed.

Emotional and social aspect

Loneliness may haunt you in old age reducing your general level of self-esteem and confidence. Being left on you own accord can be a nightmare in old age and may breed feelings of insecurity and develop trust issues which are not easy to overcome overnight. Dependency on your spouse or children, financial constraints or inability to look after you makes one uneasy and fear incapacity and death. On a deeper level you tend to lose perspective on life and the lack of a goal in life may morally destroy us.

Although all these things might sound highly intimidating they may have a short and easy solution and that is paying very little attention to the minute things in life and consciously feeling them to develop a more comprehensive bond with your inner self which yoga and meditation in seniors can definitely bring about.

Six Exercises for Toning After Weight Loss

   Few things in the world are as satisfying as setting a weight goal, sticking to a stick routine, and then losing weight over a period of time, but there is often one more step when it comes to creating the perfect body. After shedding all those pounds, many health enthusiasts will notice that they are not as toned as they would like to be, but here are six amazing exercises that can be used to tone muscles and craft the perfect body.

1. Leg Raises

One of the most problematic areas when it comes to is the lower abs. While there are a number of popular exercises for abs, lying flat on one’s back and raising both legs into the area without bending the knees will focus all of the energy on the lower abs.

2. The Plank

Often used in yoga, pilates, and a number of other forms of exercise, planks are one of the most effective movements. Planks are a stationary exercise in which the individual will put themselves in the upwards position of a push up, holding themselves up for as long as possible.

3. Dips

Another problematic area is the back of the arms, or triceps. After losing weight, skin will often sag on the backside of one’s arms, but there are a number of great exercises to tone this area. This includes dips in which the core is held tight and the individual hangs off the chair, lowering themselves to the ground by bending their arms and gripping the edge of the seat.

4. Wood Chopper

One of the most grueling but effective toning exercises is the wood chopper. With a dumbbell or workout band, the person will chop in a diagonal motion with their arms held out from above their shoulders to below their knees.

 5. Side Plank

Much like the traditional plank, the side plank targets an exceptionally difficult area to tone, and that is the obliques. When in the upwards push up position, the individual will take one arm off the ground and raise it towards the sky with their core tight and their obliques flexed.

6. Superman

In order to target the lower back, shoulders, butt, and legs, few exercises are as effective as Superman. Lying flat on the floor face down, the person raises their arms and legs to the sky as far as possible, tightening all the muscles from their calves to their shoulders and holding the position.