How Protein Helps in Healthy Weight Loss?

protein-for-weight-loss   Protein is one of the fundamental and most essential macro-nutrients that comprise our foods and it plays a vital role in weight loss process. Fats and carbohydrates – the other two of the three fundamental macro-nutrients – can make our body obese, protein does not pose any such threat. Carbohydrates can be broadly classified in two types: good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. While good carbohydrates give us energy, but if we intake excess carbohydrates it can result into deposition of excess bad carbohydrate that will make the body obese and make it more prone to health risks like hearth disease and high blood pressure. Excess fats also makes us over-weight and leads to a number of health risks.

On the other hand, the amount of quality protein in your diet positively influences your metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. Moreover, quality protein helps you improve muscles, immunity, enhances insulin and improves antioxidant function. Nitrogen, which is found only in protein, is a basic molecule needed to build body structure and DNS synthesis.

As a matter of fact, the human body burns more calories during the process of digesting protein as compared to carbohydrates and fats. The higher the amount of protein in your diet, the more calories you will burn without performing any extra exercise.

When you increase intake of quality protein over the basic amount required for nitrogen balance, then the branch chain amino acids such as leucine that metabolize muscles in your body, directly and constructively helps in building muscles and also improves calorie burning by muscles that supports weight loss in a healthy way.

Hence, make certain that your diet must be rich in protein.