The Real Practical Guide To Weight Loss

Weight-Loss-Plan       When it comes to weight loss there’s so much information out there that you can be easily confused. You have one person who says that you need to exercise more while you have another person who says that exercising too much will cause you to gain weight. You have one person who says you need to restrict calorie intake then you have another person who says you need to eat as many calories as possible in order to fuel your metabolism.

 What I want to do is set the record straight and tell people what really works to lose weight. We have many people who make claims that they have success with weight loss through exercise and restriction of calories but a lot of the time these approaches to lose weight lead to many other health problems.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to increase your metabolic rate. Your metabolism also known as thyroid function is what keeps you burning calories effectively throughout the day. If you have a high metabolic rate you will not only burn fat but you also regulate blood sugar. It will help with digestion and help you with many other health related issues. You want to have a high metabolic rate to keep an ideal weight and have a good quality of life. If you’re wondering what you can do to increase your metabolism. Here are some things you can add into your everyday life to do so.

Light from the Sun contains a certain spectrum of color, predominately red and orange. These red and orange colors of light that come from the sun help stimulate thyroid function. This helps you to burn fat. Other foods that can help you lose weight are coconut oil and raw honey. Both coconut oil and honey are great food for speeding up your metabolism. I’m not recommending that you just eat coconut oil throughout the day and consume tablespoons of raw honey alone. You want be eating coconut oil and raw honey in the right ratios with protein. You want proteins, carbs and fats in every meal. Your body is like a car and you have to put the right type of fuel in your car. If you don’t put the right type of fuel in your car then it’s going to run sluggish.

I think another reason why people don’t have success long term with weight loss is because they look at weight loss in a superficial sense. They think that if they lose weight then you’ll feel better because the weigh they lose allows them to get more acceptance from other people. The problem with this is that a lot of times the weight loss itself gives them the confidence. This confidence causes people to treat him differently.

The truth is even if you lose a ton a weight but if you still feel awful on the inside then that’s going to reflect on the outside. You want to lose weight in a healthy way. By losing weight in a healthy way you’re going to not only get the ideal body you want but also feel great on the inside. I know a lot of people who make recommendations that you should exercise more to lose weight but a lot of times people are already in a state where their metabolism is quite broken.

Exercise will only exacerbate that already broken metabolism. I do think exercise can be beneficial but a lot of times people would just be better off walking. Resistance training is probably the safest form of exercise as it produces the least amount of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a toxin to the body and will slow down your metabolism. I think that with the right food before and after weight training you might be able to get the benefits of the workout without the damage of the lactic acid. A lot of times though for most people this is a tight rope act. I would stay away from exercise and just walk for a period of time until you feel confident that you can do weight training without dropping your metabolism. A lot of people say that exercise increases your metabolism but they fail to understand how the body works.

A lot of people might be surprised to hear that I recommend honey in meals. People are afraid of sugar and feel that sugar is why they are gaining weight. Many people recommend that you eliminate sugar from your diet in order to lose weight. This is a real problem because sugar in the forms of honey and fruits are great for blood sugar regulation.

Sugar is a great tool for increasing metabolism. I’ve seen huge shifts in people’s metabolism by them incorporating raw honey into their meals. Sugar is a great ally when it comes to weight loss. I want people to work with sugar in order to lose weight. I know that there’s a ton of information and can be overwhelming. My advice would be do what works for you. We all ultimately need to do what works for us because we are all different and have different needs. Remember that ultimately the biggest road block to your weight loss is your diet. You can exercise all you want but if you eat unhealthy foods then you’ll never get long-term success with your weight.