Who, What, Where, When, Why of Diets and Weight Loss?

So we always hear of epic fail diets, epic fail weight loss plans and even epic fail cosmetic procedures. All advertised in bad tastes which also quite discouraged some of you out there who had everything planned already.  But then, they might just be a little diversion for your plan for a healthier you.

Then, there are many books out there advocating diets and healthy lifestyle, but fitness and health should start from you. It should start from your resolve to get that healthy body. I had the same problem once when I tried losing extra weight but then it won’t budge. I tried every diet but nothing happened. It even came to hinder me from doing my activities that’s when I decide to undergo liposuction.

Liposuction can be unnecessary if you have that greater resolve for diets but then, I tell you, it can be a jump start. It can be for you too. So who is the “you” in this article? Let’s find out below together with other W’s that need to be answered.


Now, who needs diet and weight loss? Anyone who had exceeded their BMI. Those who wish to live a healthier life. Those who have the extra weight as a health risk burden. Men, women, old and young. You don’t have to be a celebrity to become a health conscious individual. Remember, weight loss and diets were done for health reasons not for camera reasons, though it’s a part of that too.


What is weight loss and diets? That was self explanatory I guess. Weight loss is losing weight whether it is that extra pounds or that ginormous fat deposits you had in your body. It can be achieved through right diet, exercise and medical procedure such as liposuction.


So, where can we do this? For diets, it can be at home of course. It is with your meal balance. Exercise can be done at home too, or in a respected gym in your area. You’ll get a personal trainer for it too. For medical remedies, it should be done in clinics or hospitals. But hospitals are more advisable if possible.


When are you going to do it? Right now, no sense in postponing everything when it concerns health. Or it can be when your money ready or physically ready. As long as you’re comfortable with the step that you are taking, you are in advantage.


Why? It is because you need it not just because you want it. Your body can only take so much toll from carrying that extra weight. Why muddle in the corner when you can live a healthy and active life plus adventures?

Some things might be a little bit discouraging but you should be the one to encourage yourself to undergo that weight loss phase in your life. Remember what you will be doing after it, think of the future. A sunny and fit year ahead can be your greatest motivation now. So if you’ve answered all 5 W’s above, start with your How now. But that would be another article. Ciao!

About the Author:

Victoria Adamas is all American girl who found home in Sydney. She loves everything in the city after visiting it. She does reviews on everything that pertains to the city i.e. Sydney vacations, Sydney jobs, liposuction Sydney, etc. As long as it interests her, she does it.