Targeting Fat Loss to a Specific Area of the Body

The greatest mis-conception about weight loss is the idea that if you are trying to lose weight at a specific part of your body, then only by doing  exercises in that particular area will lead to weight loss . This is not true. Doing 1,000,000 sit-ups might not help you at all if you are trying to lose belly fat .i.e stomach area.

Fact:-Weight loss through treadmills or by running for 30 min everyday normally helps you to lose weight all over your body, and this is the best way for losing fat in problematic areas.

Fact: -Strength training and muscle building can help to build up and increase your stamina, creating a more toned, healthy look. Similarly, in muscle building, think of a typical marathon runner (a long distance runner). They exercise a lot, and still any short-distance runner or sprinter looks skinnier/thinner in  comparison Sprinter’s muscles give them that toned, athletic look —Sprinters build a lot of muscle that pushes outward from under the skin.

Even people with severe weight loss problems, or disorders such as anorexia (a psychological disorder in which a person refuses to eat because they are afraid of becoming fat) or bulimia (a disorder in which a person repeatedly over eats and then fasts or makes themselves vomit) appear extremely thin but do not look healthy because they typically lack muscle.

However, in spite of the inability to target a specific area, many areas of the body have factors that affect weight gain/loss, so there may be unique or special ways to treat your weight loss for your target area. Take for example, the stomach. The stomach has a lot of “cortisol receptors” (which increase sugar levels in blood because of stress) making it main area for weight gain, so a better way is to change your diet to reduce sugars, as well as reducing stress, These are the 2 ways which can help to improve weight loss for a particular region. There are also health, dietary, genetic, lifestyle, exercise techniques, and other factors to help solve problem areas.

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