What Should a Personal Trainer Cost?

Health is wealth.  Although this statement has already been an all-time favorite saying not just by fitness enthusiasts but for anyone who put so much importance on their health, there are still many people out there who are struggling so hard to stay fit and healthy.

The worse thing about it is that some people do not realize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle not until their own health asked them to pay the price of their unhealthy habits. But, for anyone out there who wants to have that lean and good looking body aside from being healthy you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer.  The following information may prove to be helpful for you:

Certified Personal Trainers

According to The National Board of Fitness Educators or NFBE, certified personal trainers would typically cost $25 on an hourly rate. On the other hand, some highly skilled trainers even charge their clients for as much as $15,000 for one and a half month session.  However, these rates may vary according to the personal trainer’s experience or the client’s geographical location.

Geographical Location

Most trainers charge their client depending on the latter’s geographical location. If you are living in a small town and you would want to hire a personal trainer, be prepared to pay lower rates than those who are being trained in urban areas.

Training Venue

The cost of hiring a personal trainer would also vary depending on where the training session will be held.  There are times when the trainer’s rate is lower when the session has to be done in a gym. But, once you decide to have the personal trainer go to your house for every session might as well be prepared to pay a higher rate.

Online Personal Training Services

If you want to be spared from paying expensive personal trainer fees, better check out Online Personal Training Services. Gym America, for example, provides online training for a monthly rate of only $7.  If you subscribe for a 6-month online training program, you will only be paying $50.


You may also check out those fitness centers near your place and see if they offer discounts for multiple training sessions.  Some personal trainers provide discounts once you decide to sign up for a new membership plan. There are also personal trainers who are willing to give discounts to their clients for every successful referral.

Group Sessions

If you want to work out with someone else or with a group, some personal trainers provide discounts for group sessions.  These sessions may include circuit training, endurance and cardiovascular building.

Things to Consider

During your first meeting with your personal trainer, the two of you must discuss about your expectations for the entire training.  Be open about what you want to accomplish and your goals about the training program.  Your personal trainer will also ask you about your medical history and your current health status.  This way, he will be able to come up with a training program that will perfectly suit your condition.


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